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Suva v'ball challenge

Arin Kumar
Saturday, December 07, 2013

THE super premier challenge title will be on the line four times today in the Suva Volleyball Association weekly competition.

Marist is the holders of the title and the first challenge will come from Drifters at the LICI Multi-Purpose Courts in Laucala Bay.

Association official Iliesa Raketekete said this was not the first time a title would be on the line a few times in a single day.

"Last week, the premier title was on the line four times and super premier title was on the line thrice," he said.

"This week, it will be the super premier title on the line four times and the premier title on the line three times."

After Drifter, Saints, Small Brothers and Toba will challenge for the title respectively.

"In the premier competition, the challengers would be Sharks, G2, and Qauia in order.

"The reason why we are having so many games is because this is our last week of competition for the year.

"We are going on break now for Christmas and new year and we will resume in the first weekend of January."

Meanwhile, Qauia will challenge Delta for the women's title.

"Also we have selected our training side for the Vulaca Championship that will be played next year.

"The players would have a combined training session on Monday at the Multi-Purpose Courts."

Suva squad: Toba - Ceva, Peni, Tailasa; Small Brothers - Wame, Timoci, Sekope; Jammers - Anare, Don, Marvin, Baba, Moji, Trevor; Drifters - Wise, Parkers, Mala, Tevei, Stee, Peceli, Tevita, Jone, Sam, Julius; Rockets - Uate, Moape; Saints - Jim, Eparama, Kalu, Josh, Saki; Tamavua Celtics - Waqa, Kepu; Cakau - Simi, Kiti, Manasa, Stuwart, Pita, Chubby, Sepesa; Mighty Heights - Tui, Koto, Tevita, Filimoni; Qauia - Aporosa; Frontliners - Miti, Sekove, Jope.