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New athletics season

Arin Kumar
Saturday, December 07, 2013

ATHLETICS Fiji kicks off their competition season with a competition for all age groups in Suva today at the ANZ Stadium.

The competition is open to anyone who wants to come under the radar of national selectors for international competitions.

Athletics Fiji secretary Maciu Koroitamana said the competition would be an assessment of where the athletes stand now.

"We would like to gauge where the athletes are at the moment because we know some have been active and some have been training under their personal coaches.

"We would like to assess their base fitness and then see what Athletics Fiji can do to help these athletes."

They would also conduct time trials for those athletes who are training for the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing next year.

"But this does not mean we will only work with them.

"We want to see as many athletes as possible and then we can identify ways we can help those athletes.

"I know there are some who are in clubs and some who are training on their own and we can help these athletes find clubs to train under so that they are given a proper training program and don't just train anyhow."

Koroitamana added they would also have a master's competition where the veterans of the sport would compete.

"There is an international master's competition next year and we would like to see how many veteran athletes we have.

"We would like to encourage the athletes of the yesteryears to come and compete.

"All in all, we would like to invite anyone of any age group to come and compete with us."

Competition begins at 8.30am.