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Gould: Keep at it

Nasik Swami
Saturday, December 07, 2013

THREE-TIME Olympic swimming gold medallist Shane Gould is in the country holding discussions with the Education Ministry to strengthen swimming curriculum for schools.

And the Australian world record holder believes Fiji's drowning death toll could be reduced if people paid more attention in learning to swim the proper way.

In an interview with this newspaper, Ms Gould said the breaking point in swimming was lack of caregiving.

"It's about supervision. We need to supervise young people around water," she said.

"In Australia, out of all the people who drowned, a third of them were over 55."

She said from her observation, people in Fiji could swim but they did not practise it.

"So if you can swim a little bit, keep practising. It's a skill that you need to keep practising in order to stay fit.

"So it's two things that I need to emphasise — supervise and keep practising so that you have certain fitness and skill level for all of your life."

Ms Gould said with Fiji surrounded by water, swimming was a lifesaving skill.

She said doing it was also important to make good decisions while going into the water.

"Make good decisions because once you make a bad decision, that's when accidents start to occur. Choose the depth of the water carefully and do not swim in rough weathers."

Swimming tips:

* Practise a lot in order to be a good swimmer;

* Make wise decisions when choosing where to swim; and

* Never swim alone.