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Lightning scare

Repeka Nasiko
Saturday, December 07, 2013

A LAUTOKA family is grateful an electrical surge causing a blackout in their home was the only impact a lightning strike had caused.

Hassan Dean, 75, said the single lightning bolt had struck a coconut tree in the back yard.

"We were all at home when it happened around 1.30pm," he said.

"Some of us were watching TV and all of a sudden, the power point burst and some of our electrical appliances was damaged by the surge."

He said while the only casualty was a few appliances, the family was grateful none of them were hurt.

"Our house still has no power but it's something that can be fixed. We are just happy that no one was injured or hurt when the lightning struck."

According to the Nadi Weather office, lightning strikes were likely to occur during thunderstorms currently being experienced over the Western Division.