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Fire destroys business

Repeka Nasiko
Saturday, December 07, 2013

ANOTHER business was destroyed by an early morning blaze that also destroyed an adjoining home belonging to the business owners.

The blaze has left about five people homeless after the fire destroyed the concrete building yesterday.

It also destroyed an adjoining store that was managed by the family.

Eyewitness Penaia Cimo said the fire spread quickly despite initial efforts by one of the homeowners to douse the blaze.

"The house owner's son was at the shop and he was shocked to find smoke coming out from the back of the building," said Mr Cimo.

"His sister was in the shower while he was in the shop.

"He managed to get hold of a fire extinguisher but to no avail."

He said the man could only get his sister to safety before the building was engulfed in flames.

"His parents and their grandson were away for a funeral while the rest were out at work.

"I spoke to one of the family members and they said no one was cooking in the house before the fire started.

"They think it could have been an electrical fault."

Meanwhile, the NFA confirmed the blaze started around 8am.