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New homes for eight families

Repeka Nasiko
Saturday, December 07, 2013

EIGHT new homes were opened yesterday at Bila settlement in Lautoka by Habitat for Humanity in partnership with New Zealand Aid.

The newly-built houses were constructed for families that lost their homes during last year's floods.

Opened by the Trade Commissioner for the New Zealand High Commission, Peter Lund, the Flood Rehabilitation project provides homes for many families in the Western Division that were affected by the natural disasters.

Bila settlement resident Savenaca Sanoko expressed the families' joy for the help.

"We had been struggling when our homes was destroyed in the first flood," said Mr Sanoko.

"In that flood, water had entered all our homes and damaging the buildings."

He said the same destruction followed the families when they were hit by the second flood in March.

"From that time, a lot of us were living in tents.

"And when Habitat for Humanity and the NZAid came in to help, we were very happy because we were struggling to find a way to rebuild our homes.

"Today is a very happy day for us because these new homes have brought a lot of relief for a lot of us."

The project was funded by NZAid.