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Mokani 7s to crown a new champion

Arin Kumar
Friday, December 06, 2013

A NEW champion will be crowned at the Fiji Bitter Mokani 7s this weekend.

This was after defending champions Police failed to confirm their participation for the tournament which will be held at the Mokani Village grounds.

Tournament official Timoci Rokotanaka said they were expecting 48 teams but about 30 have confirmed their participation.

"We have top teams like MHCC Red Rock, Marist, Ratu Filise, Tabadamu, Dritabua, Taki Mokani, Nasolo Young Boys and Fiji Bitter Mokani," he said.

"And since the defending champion Police is not back to defend the title, it is possible one of these teams could become the new champions."

The winner of the tournament will walk away with $3000.

Rokotanaka said they were using the tournament to raise funds for village projects.

"The two major projects that we really want to work on is a gym and a multi-purpose court.

"We want to promote sports in our village to both males and females."

He said they were aiming to bring out the talent of the youths using the two facilities.

"These kids might have the talent but since there are no proper facilities, they are not engaging in sports.

"We are going give them the facilities for them to play with and to train with so that they can realise their full potential and take up sports.

"There are many benefits of sport. For example, if scouts see their talent, they can compete on the national stage or international stage and another is living a healthy lifestyle.

"Using sports, the youths can stay away from cigarettes and alcohol and they will stop roaming around in the village aimlessly and start playing or training."

The tournament concludes tomorrow.