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Olympian helps free swimming clinic

Arin Kumar
Friday, December 06, 2013

THE Tritons Swimming Club received a major boost in their first week of Free Learn to Swim clinics yesterday.

The club was visited by Olympian Shane Gould and her husband, Milt Nelms, who is a former coach of Australian Olympic multi-medal winner, Ian Thorpe.

Nelms said they were observing how the coaches of the club were teaching the children who were learning how to swim.

"We are observing how the coaches are translating the expertise of their athletes to the beginners," he said.

"We are just seeing how they do it and then we advise them on the areas that we saw they needed work in."

He said athletes in the sport of swimming should be role models to help teach swimming.

"I think anybody who is an expert in the water should be a role model and I think the athletes are the more familiar faces that young kids can associate with and learn from.

"Now the athletes have spent thousands of the thousands of hours in the water and they know what to do so they can be the best teachers."

Nelms added they would spend the next two week in the Coral Coast.

"We have been conducting research all over the world and in Fiji as well and we have seen that the number of drowning cases have increased.

"As for Fiji, we are going to Coral Coast because we have seen that they have really good swimmers there and we will try and learn from them how they became so good and how they teach their kids so that probably we can use some of those teaching tips."