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$50k more for church

Salaseini Moceiwai
Friday, December 06, 2013

WORSHIPPING God in a more serene environment, villagers of Qeleni in northern Taveuni are requesting their children residing in other parts of Fiji and abroad to generously contribute to the construction of a new church building.

The villagers have so far spent about $50,000 for the construction of the foundation and concrete walls and need $50,000 to complete the project.

Church pastor Tomasi Daunakamakama said the only part left was the roofing and painting of the church, and the installation of louvres and furniture.

He said they decided to build a bigger church because the existing building was too old and it also could not cater for the growing congregation.

Mr Daunakamakama said the construction of the church was funded through minor fundraising drives and gifts from good Samaritans.

The partly-built church, he said had been standing for quite some time because of funding constraints and lack of building materials.

He pleaded with those from Qeleni living in Fiji and abroad to extend a helping hand.

He said the church was for the people of Qeleni and they were morally inclined to contributed.