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Hospitals top spending budget

Ropate Valemei
Friday, December 06, 2013

DIVISIONAL and sub-divisional hospitals, and mental and specialised hospitals account for the largest share of government spending, says the Fiji Health Accounts 2011-2012 report.

Launched on Monday, the report stated that hospital expenditure equated to 68.2 per cent of the government's current health expenditure (GCHE).

It said the largest share of GCHE was spent in the Central Division — $47.2million last year compared to $48.07m in 2011.

"The second largest expenditure was in the Western Division which was $32.9m in 2011 and $31.5m in 2012.

"The Western Division expenditure had increased," the report stated

It reported that the third largest was in the Northern Division — $20.8m in 2011 and $21.4m last year.

"Eastern Division expenditure was the lowest which was $4.4m in 2011 and $5.3m in 2012."

It said the three specialist hospitals used up $6.5m in 2011 and $5.3m last year.

Of the $105.4m, 66.9 per cent was spent on divisional hospitals, 28 per cent in sub-divisional hospitals and 5.1 per cent in specialty hospitals.

From 2011, there had been a decrease in funding to hospitals, which the report said was perhaps a result of outsourcing of secondary services and the decentralisation of outpatient services.