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AusAID gives more

Ropate Valemei
Friday, December 06, 2013

THE Ministry of Health continues to benefit from development partners through direct aid, financial contribution, technical expertise, supplies and equipment.

Australian Aid (AusAID) recorded $9.1million worth of contribution last year, which accounted for 59.6 per cent compared to $3m in 2011.

This was reported in the Fiji Health Accounts 2011-2012, which stated AusAID was the ministry's largest development partner support.

"The increase from $3m in 2011 to $9.1m in 2012 is attributed to the commencement of the Fiji health sector program in 2012," the report stated.

It also revealed that AusAID maintained this level of support last year, however, there had been a decrease in actual allocation from $13.3m in 2012 to $9.1m last year.

New Zealand Aid (NZAID), the report said, was the second largest donor providing $1.3m last year and $1.6m in 2011. Its contribution represented 10.5 per cent of the total development funding.

JICA was the third largest benefactor, providing $1.8m in 2011 and $1.4m in 2012, which is 9.4 per cent of the development partner budget.

"In 2011, the development partner budget was $11.4m and represented 4.7 per cent on current health account (CHE). The development partner budget increased from $11.1m in 2011 to $14.2m in 2012 and represented 5.9 per cent of CHE."

The report stated the increase was attributed to the commencement of the global fund and Fiji health sector support program during this period.

The largest share of development partner funding for 2012 went to the providers of preventive care followed by health care system administration and financing while the rest was directed to ancillary services.