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Evan's effects still felt

Torika Tokalau
Friday, December 06, 2013

A YEAR after Cyclone Evan devastated Fiji, the villagers of Denimanu on the island of Yadua are still being felt.

Villager and senior ranger of the National Trust of Fiji Pita Biciloa said the biggest destruction from Cyclone Evan was felt on their plantations.

"Right now, we have no root crops on the island because of the damage to our plantations. Everyone is living off rice and flour," he told this newspaper.

"Yadua Island, I believe, was the worst affected by Cyclone Evan and we are still feeling its effect."

Mr Biciloa is attending the 9th Pacific Islands Conference on Nature Conservation and Protected Areas at the Vodafone Arena and aims to garner and secure NGO assistance for their cause.

"We have encouraged families to plant their own gardens, from root crops to vegetables. Half if not all of the village now have their own gardens which we hope to harvest soon."

He revealed half of the village would also be relocated soon to high ground after their homes were damaged by the cyclone.

"Nineteen new wooden homes are waiting to be occupied at the new site. The only sad thing is that the old bure were destroyed, we can't get that back."

Mr Biciloa said life was slowly returning to normal and they were also looking forward to reaping the rewards of a five-year marine protected area that expires at the end of this month.