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Water at last for villagers

Torika Tokalau
Friday, December 06, 2013

VILLAGERS of Nakalawaca in Namara, Tailevu can breathe a sigh of relief after 20 new water tanks were commissioned on Wednesday.

Built by the Water Authority of Fiji and funded by the villagers and government, the tanks will benefit 315 villagers.

"I cannot begin to relay how grateful we are about the new water tanks," village headman Sekaia Mua said.

"Before these water tanks, we only had two sources of clean water — the five cement tanks which is more than 20 years old that collects rainwater, and a well that is a further distance from the village that everybody uses for bathing, cooking and cleaning."

He said in 2009, the Ministry of Health confirmed the well was contaminated and officially sealed it last year.

"We had to use water wisely because the only source of clean water we had after that was the five cement water tanks, which was heavily dependent on whether it rained or not."

Mr Mua said the new water tanks would be used as extra storage of rainwater.

"All we are waiting for now is heavy rain so our water tanks can be filled and we won't have to limit our water intake.

"Life is going to be so much easier for us now with cooking, cleaning and bathing."

He said they had future plans to install flush toilets in the village to replace the pit toilets.

WAF public relations officer rural Maika Nagalu said the onus was now on the villagers to look after the new water tanks.