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$11k for water system

Repeka Nasiko
Friday, December 06, 2013

A RURAL Ba settlement that stopped receiving water from a dam recently closed because of the spread of hepatitis A and leptospirosis says circumstances also provided the opportunity for them to establish their own water supply system.

This recently-installed system supplies water to 50 households in Naruku settlement, Ba.

The plan eventuated three months ago through a government grant of $11,000.

The water system comes from a single Water Authority of Fiji meter.

Resident Dewa Nadan said water had been a scarce resource for years.

"We have been living on rain and river water for more than 10 years," Mr Nadan said.

He said the settlement had been constantly visited by former politicians and people of influence promising assistance.

"We waited for something but it never arrived."

Mr Nadan says their main water source used to be the Waica dam, which was now closed.

"It stopped reaching us about 12 years ago because issues we had with the pipes."

Ba advisory council chairman Viam Pillay said the water problem at Naruku settlement had been a long-standing issue.

"We formed a committee and made submissions to the district office and they helped us by granting the $11,000.

"With that money, we bought pipes that we connected to the water meter and ran it for about 2.2kilometres through Naruku.

"They have been getting clean treated water because of this project."

He said the project had also prevented all of the residents in Naruku from contracting any disease from the recent outbreak.