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A man of the people

Jo Kunaluvea
Friday, December 06, 2013

RATU Isikeli Tagivetaua, one of Bua's young chiefs, described the late Na Kalevu Ratu Sakiusa Makutu as one of the country's most generous chiefs.

Ratu Isikeli led a delegation from Bua on Tuesday evening to the chiefly tokatoka of Nakuruvakarua's residence at Naqeledamu and presented mats, yaqona and a huge whales tooth on behalf of the marama na Tui Bua.

He recalled in 1998, the province of Bua was going through a period of financial difficulties in the completion of their Naulumatua House at Nabouwalu.

"Our elders decided to approach the Kalevu Ratu Sakiusa for his assistance and a group of elders from the province of Bua was chosen to pay him a visit in Cuvu," Ratu Isikeli recalled.

"As soon as they made their request known to him at his chiefly residence in Naqeledamu, he accepted right away but not only that, he promised us right away $45,000.

"A few weeks later, he was our chief guest at the Adi Bua Festival that was held at Cruickshank Park in Suva with the $45,000 he promised earlier.

"A big hearted chief who really valued the chiefly system of Fiji."

He said two months ago, the senior superintendent of the Methodist Church in the Nadroga division, Reverend Jeremaia Bose, passed away at his Vale Kau residence in Cuvu.

"As Rev Bose hailed from our province of Bua, discussions were under way to bring his body from Cuvu to his village of Naruwai in Bua.

"Again, the Kalevu sent his representative to Bua and informed us that the burial would be done at Cuvu and the chiefly house of Nakuruvarua would pay all expenses.

"He personally sent $4000 to pay for our boat expenses. What a chief."

He said Ratu Sakiusa never asked anything in return.

"He will be greatly missed by every chiefly household in Fiji."