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Vereivalu wants a win

Arin Kumar
Thursday, December 05, 2013

EAST coach Eroni Vereivalu is intent on winning the second match in the AON East versus West Challenge.

The first match ended in a 22-all draw at the ANZ Stadium in Suva last Saturday, which was a disappointing result for the Eastern side given the fact that they were leading all the way in the match and could have won the game had West not scored a converted try in the last minute of play.

That has motivated Vereivalu to prepare his side better because of two specific reason.

"Firstly, we will be playing on their home ground and that makes a big difference in a match," he said.

"Secondly, we were so close to winning in the first match and we almost won but just missed out on the last minute."

He said playing at Lawaqa Park in Sigatoka would give the Western side a huge advantage.

"It is their ground. The crowd at the ground will be theirs. The crowd there is crazy about rugby. We will be the outsiders.

"Playing on western soil is always interesting and different for the eastern side so we are telling the players to remain focused on the game plan.

"And we would like to encourage our fans to come there for us to motivate us and raise the morale of the boys."

Vereivalu said his side learnt a good lesson from West from the match last weekend.

"The West played 80 minutes rugby. We were also supposed to do that but we just lost concentration in the last stages of the match.

"So that is why we have been reminding the players to play until the final whistle because the match is not over until the referee says it's over.

"Also we dug up a lot of weaknesses in the side which we have been ironed out and should be sorted by Saturday where we expect a totally different West side and they should expect a different East side too."