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Town council to manage boundary

Ropate Valemei
Thursday, December 05, 2013

NASINU Town Council will now be able to determine its development activities in its town boundary.

This after the town planning scheme was handed over to the council's special administrator Mosese Kama at Valelevu on Monday by the Department of Town and Country Planning.

Since 2000, all applications within the town boundary were forwarded to the department director for a decision.

In the government initiative to improve efficiency, department director Losana Rokotuibau said the scheme would not require the decision of the department to determine its development activities.

"Fiji does not know much of the town planning scheme. The scheme allows the town council to determine development activities on its own town boundary," Ms Rokotuibau said.

"The scheme is the zoning plan and along with the documents that are legally required to be handed over to the council.

"This is a platform to allow Nasinu Town Council in taking a bold step on managing its council by itself."

Mr Kama said he hoped to increase its capacity once the scheme was in place.