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US help for sugar industry

Serafina Silaitoga
Thursday, December 05, 2013

THE American Government is supportive of the sugar industry through the development assistance process, says American ambassador Frankie Reed.

Yesterday, she visited cane farms and farmers in Labasa to hear more about the industry.

Although her visit to the cane farms were not triggered by any specific plan, Ms Reed said she was grateful to be given the opportunity to visit the cane farms and meet farmers.

"I have learnt so much today from this tour to the cane farm.

"Although we are informed about the sugar industry on paper, we still need to come out and talk to workers and talk to people on the ground about the industry," she said.

"We follow the economic and commercial situation here very closely.

"We are supportive through any development assistance process and we also realise that a lot of people are supportive towards the industry."

Ms Reed said her meeting with the farmers showed her a lot about the challenges they faced on the ground.

"It is very interesting to know what these people go through on the ground and we get to appreciate how complex it is."