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NFA: Hydrant a non issue

Repeka Nasiko
Thursday, December 05, 2013

THE use of only one fire hydrant during the Monday inferno that destroyed a major industrial property along Lautoka City's Marine Drive was not an issue, says the National Fire Authority.

Responding to concerns that the industrial area needed more fire hydrants, authority CEO John O'Connor said a report by the firefighters who attended to the blaze did not reveal the issue as an area of concern.

"We did not get anything on the fire hydrant and it was not an issue for our officers who attended to the fire," Mr O'Connor said.

"According to the report, the fire was contained and that our officers did very well in stopping it from spreading."

He said firefighters were deployed from as far as Ba and Nadi. The blaze destroyed the Reddy Dimond Group of Companies outlets, Neritak Equipment and Reddy Dimond Northern Ltd.

Shri Krishna, the general manager of a neighbouring property belonging to Punjas Group, said firefighters used a hydrant close to their building.

"There was none near the Reddy Dimond building so they had to come to the one next to ours," Mr Krishna said.

"This is something that we should all look into because this is an industrial area where a lot of chemicals are in the buildings which can easily make a fire worse."

Mr O'Connor said early detection was also an important factor in combatting fires.