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Provincial levies enforced

Salaseini Moceiwai
Thursday, December 05, 2013

PEOPLE of Cakaudrove registered in the Vola ni Kawa Bula (VKB) will be required to submit their provincial levies from next year onwards.

This was among other resolutions discussed at the recent Cakaudrove Provincial Council meeting at Somosomo Village on Taveuni.

In his presentation, roko tui Cakaudrove Sara Bulutani said that as long as they were registered in the VKB, people were obliged to pay their levies.

Even though it was something pleasant to see a lot of successful Cakaudrove people, he said it was also important for them to know the importance of provincial levies.

Mr Bulutani said they only managed to collect 40 per cent of levies so far compared with the 34 per cent last year.

Despite the slight increase, he said the provincial council office could not carry out its duties well because all the levies were not submitted on time.

He said the situation had affected their regular visits to villages, districts, clans and tribes in Cakaudrove.

Those from the other provinces in the country living a successful life in Cakaudrove will also be required to be part of the levy payment.

Mr Bulutani said all Cakaudrove men from the ages of 21 to 60 would be required to pay $10 each.

Meanwhile, Mr Bulutani said they were also working on the registration of all Cakaudrove children in the VKB.