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Police, community join forces to battle crime

Salaseini Moceiwai
Thursday, December 05, 2013

QILA settlement on Taveuni has come on board to show their support to police after the community policing model was recently launched in the area.

In launching the model, director operations SSP Tito Elo told the multiracial community that such an initiative was not just another normal activity but one that needed teamwork and unity for the purpose of combating crime in the area.

He said the model was an idea that allowed the police and members of the public to work together for a crime-free society.

With dalo and yaqona theft a common criminal activity in Qila, SSP Elo said police officers could not carry out their duties alone in clamping down offenders, instead they needed the support from the public.

He encouraged the residents to alert police if they witnessed any criminal activity in the area because they were the eyes and ears on the ground.

The model, SSP Elo said, depicted the support of the community towards the police and this was something they appreciated.

He said the onus was on everyone to ensure their community was safe, secured and free from criminal activities.

Last week, SSP Elo launched the model at Qeleni Village in the northern part of Taveuni where he encouraged villagers to maintain law and order for a safer Fiji.