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Embassies visit kids at library

Dawn Gibson
Wednesday, December 04, 2013

IT was a day of cultural exchange for students who were at the Suva City Carnegie Library yesterday to learn how Christmas was celebrated in parts of Great Britain.

And British High Commissioner to Fiji Roderick Drummond made a special appearance, bringing along some Christmas crackers to distribute to the 90 plus pupils who showed up to be part of the activities.

Chief librarian Maureen Shariff said the numbers increased from Monday's turnout and the students had a great time.

"This is a tradition for us to have some activities for kids during their holidays and they all seemed to be enjoying themselves, so it was really good to see," Ms Shariff said.

"We understand that not everyone can go away or overseas for their holidays, so we thought by bringing different embassies to the library, it gives the children a learning experience and it also encourages them to read books."

On Monday, the library hosted about 45 children to a day with members of the Australian High Commission and today, government officials will visit the library to spend time with the children.

Children are being encouraged to come, as the week will also feature embassies of Japan, India, US and South Africa.