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People want change

Avinesh Gopal
Wednesday, December 04, 2013

THE People's Democratic Party says people want changes to take place in the running of the country.

This was the feedback given to the party's aspiring candidates who were visiting voters in their areas, said PDP's interim president Adi Sivia Qoro.

"The major issue raised by the people during our visits is on the delivery of services," she said.

"Specific issues have been raised by the iTaukei people, Fijians of Indian descent and other races.

"But the overriding factor is that people want changes in the running of the country."

Adi Sivia said there was a need to increase economic sectors to earn real foreign exchange earnings.

She said the agriculture, fisheries and forest sectors were important to the country.

"If these areas are strengthened then I believe we can address the unemployment problem to a great extent," she said.

Adi Sivia said there was a lot of land lying idle in the country, adding those had to be utilised.

"We have to look at how we can work out a win-win situation for the landowners and the tenants.

"We need to create space where the landowners and the lessees have a fair return from the use of the land," she said.

Being the newest political party in the arena, the PDP has started its groundwork in preparation for the election.

She said aspiring candidates, some of whom were youths, had started campaigning in their areas with the view to be in Parliament after next year's election.