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2900 booked for speeding

Repeka Nasiko
Wednesday, December 04, 2013

ABOUT 2900 people were booked for speeding in the Western Division during the Fiji Police Force-led Operation Soar.

Police West spokeswoman Naina Ragigia revealed the numbers in a situation report for the operation which ended last month.

Ms Ragigia said 40 people were booked for careless driving and 37 were caught without seatbelts.

"For other traffic-related offences, a total of 529 were cited while 14 people were arrested by police.

"A total of 14,960 vehicles were intercepted and a further 4630 drivers were subjected to random breath tests," she said.

She said the second phase of the operation began on November 21 and would continue into the new year.

"In this operation, police officers will be out in large numbers to take to task those that fail to adhere to road rules," she said.

"This will apply to drivers and other road users as well. We will take a serious approach towards minor offences committed by road users and there will be zero tolerance on such offences committed."

She said roadblocks were being set up at strategic points.

"We will not only be checking drivers of each vehicle but we will also check on occupants as these are also times where perpetrators move from various districts to commit other offences like aggravated robberies and theft."

Property owners are advised to secure their homes before going away for the holidays.