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Dam situation improves

Repeka Nasiko
Wednesday, December 04, 2013

THE state of the contaminated Waica Dam at Nukuloa in Ba has improved significantly following the intervention of government authorities.

Ba Advisory Council chairman Viam Pillay said continuous quality checks were carried out by officials from the Water Authority of Fiji, Health Ministry, district office and the commissioner western's office.

He said improvements were being carried out at the site and a permanent remedy to the situation would be implemented over the next two months.

"New pipes just came in yesterday (Monday) from the WAF and they are now looking at areas that have old pipes and those that are leaking for replacement," he said.

"These new pipes will also be used to link other areas like Tabataba that have been without any water supply for the past 12 years."

The dam had been closed since an outbreak of hepatitis and leptospirosis was reported from the area last month and had undergone major improvements.

"WAF has restored the double feeder at the dam and has applied chemicals like chlorine into the water system to improve the quality of water," he said.