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Men join fight against violence

Luke Rawalai
Wednesday, December 04, 2013

IN an attempt to involve men in the fight against violence, the Fiji Community Development Program recently held a White Ribbon workshop in Labasa.

Program team leader Michael Brownjohn said it was important to involve men in the process of ending the cycle of violence against women.

Mr Brownjohn said the White Ribbon program began in Australia and had since become a world-wide program.

"This year we had invited men from different non-governmental organisations in the north for a seminar where we exchanged thoughts on the topic of violence towards women," he said.

"Most of the violence committed against our women is carried out by men.

"We have to take responsibility of our actions and the forum is a good way of addressing the reasons acts of violence are committed and what strategies to take in order to cure this problem."

Mr Brownjohn said the participants' perception of violence against their counterparts were important.

He said participants promised to share what they had learnt with male friends and colleagues.