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Geraldine Panapasa And Repeka Nasiko
Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Road closure

CUVU Back Rd in Sigatoka will be closed today and tomorrow afternoon for the late Na Kalevu Ratu Sakiusa Makutu's funeral. Police West spokeswoman Naina Ragigia said the alternative route for motorists would be the road to the Navuevu Village entrance. She apologised for any inconvenience caused.

Hoax messages

VODAFONE Fiji Limited is warning customers to be wary of hoax messages sent to Vodafone mobile numbers. In a statement, the company said the message with a series of numbers urging the customer to call back originated from a network in Latvia and Balarus in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. Vodafone Fiji said it had blocked the number from sending text messages to its network and prevented customers from calling those numbers.

Mini centre

THE Ministry of Health stationed a mini health centre in Suva last week. Stationed at the Government Information Referral Centre, visitors were able to undergo tests for sugar, blood pressure and body mass index. Suva subdivisional medical officer Dr Kaleli Vunimasi encouraged people around the Capital City to visit the centre.

Aftercare fund

AN audit of the Fiji Servicemen Aftercare Fund noted an unreconciled balance of about $12,003 credit and $689.68 debit between the cash book and the bank statement. In a statement from the Public Accounts Committee 2013, an ANZ bank officer was summoned during the interview and the matter was resolved.

Nutrition centre

THERE was no control issue raised by the Auditor-General regarding the National Food and Nutrition Centre. According to the Public Accounts Committee report on the audit accounts of statutory authorities for December 2009, the centre was created by government in 1976 and operated as quasi-government organisation under the MOH.

Missing infor

THE review of the payment vouchers for the Sugar Industry Tribunal revealed some of the purchase orders issued did not state the delivery date and costs of items ordered. According to the Public Accounts Committee 2013 report on the audit accounts of statutory authorities for December 2009, seven or 14 per cent of 50 local purchase orders did not contain all the necessary information.