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Repeka Nasiko
Wednesday, December 04, 2013

THREE people are counting their lucky stars after the 10-wheeler truck they were travelling in plunged into the Lomawai River in Sigatoka yesterday.

Lomawai villagers came to the aid of the 55-year-old driver and his two passengers when the truck fell off the old Lomawai Bridge and sank to the bottom of the river.

Witness Semi Vosailagi claimed the truck was travelling on the wrong track of the bridge when it slipped.

"The tyres were following the wrong path," he said. "I was by the river when we saw it fall. One of our boys was in a boat and went to pull the men out."

He said the 55-year-old driver had difficulty coming out of the truck.

"The other two passengers had already been taken to safety but the driver had to be helped out. When our boys went to him, he was struggling to stay afloat."

He said the driver of the vehicle suffered more injuries than the other two.

Josese Korovotu, who was at the site, said the three were lucky to escape.

He said the accident could have been worse.

"A bus full of passengers was travelling ahead of the truck.

"If it was behind the truck, we don't know what could have happened."

Police spokeswoman Naina Ragigia said the men were rushed to hospital and treated for injuries after the incident, which happened about 10am.