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Sukuna challenge launched

Rashneel Kumar
Tuesday, December 03, 2013

THE stage is set for the 2013 BSP Life Sukuna Bowl challenge to kick off today with the boxing competition.

The annual competition between the Fiji Police and Fiji Military Forces was officially launched in Nasova early yesterday.

The two forces along with members of other disciplined forces joined for the morning walk along Ratu Sukuna Rd through Vuya Rd in Suva after the official opening of the event.

Acting Commissioner of Police Ravi Narayan while officially opening the week-long competition said "this is a time where we will get to know each other better and reflect on the year that has just gone by so fast.

"But as we enjoy what this week will have to offer, let us not forget our main core functions as members of the disciplinary forces".

Netball and volleyball competition will be held next followed by the main rugby event on Friday at the ANZ Stadium.

Hosts Police is the defending champions of the prestigious Sukuna Bowl following its 17-15 win over Army at Churchill Park in Lautoka last year.