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Popularity grows

Shayal Devi
Tuesday, December 03, 2013

PLANTATION Island Resort in the Mamanucas has been growing in popularity with schoolies, with about 500 teenagers choosing the resort in the Mananucas for their end of school holidays.

Resort manager Daven Sharma said the resort offered a wide range of cultural and sporting activities for teenagers.

"We offer land and water-based activities," he said.

"For water sports, we have surfing, snorkelling, parasailing, fishing, kayaking and diving whereas we have a lot of cultural activities on land."

Mr Sharma said the response from the schoolies over the years had been incredible.

"We used to have around 250 schoolies but now the number is fast-growing," he added.

He said apart from the activities, they also offered tight security.

"We have 10 police officers, 10 mainland security officers, plus our normal security officers.

"Some of our normal staff have also turned into security officials.

"We want to have an incident-free holiday," Mr Sharma said.

He said the first week for the schoolies was over and they had a changeover last Sunday, with the arrival of a new batch of teenagers.

With the growing popularity of this new market, the authorities have put in place stringent measures to ensure the safety of the teenagers.

West police spokeswoman Naina Raiyawa said the aim of operation schoolies was to look after about 2500 students arriving over the next three weeks.

"The students are from various parts of Australia who usually come to our country the same time every year to enjoy their school break," she said.

"Police officers in the Western Division will step up their operation to ensure the students' time on our shores is well spent with an anticipation of a crime-free visit. A strong warning is issued out to mariners or those who frequently take their boats out to sea for fishing to refrain from disturbing these students as they will be accommodated in various islands in the Mamanuca Group."