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Students campaign to stop violence against children

Tevita Vuibau
Tuesday, December 03, 2013

SCHOOLchildren brought traffic to a halt in the Capital City last Friday as they formed a flash mob as part of a UNICEF campaign to stop violence against children.

The roughly 50-strong flash mob was formed by students from schools around Suva, joining voices in the hope of ending the problem of violence against children.

UNICEF Pacific chief of child protection Amanda Bissex said the event was organised as part of a global UNICEF campaign.

"It's a campaign to end violence against children that UNICEF is promoting with countries to stop violence against children," Ms Bissex said.

"So, today the young people got together to spread their message that they would like violence to end."

She said the children and UNICEF hoped to harness the power of mass media to spread their message.

"Through media and through the internet we hope young people see the message and also become active in the campaign to stop violence.

"And we hope they'll talk to other young people and they'll talk to their families and their friends in schools and raise awareness in schools on the need to stop bullying in schools."

Ms Bissex said it was encouraging to see young people unite for a common cause.

"I think it's great that young people are coming together and we are really encouraged to see young people taking the initiative.

"And we believe that young people can themselves help to stop violence and they can do it through talking to each other, counselling each other and helping each other."