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50 years for party

Avinesh Gopal
Tuesday, December 03, 2013

THE National Federation Party expects a large turnout at its golden jubilee celebrations this weekend.

While a dinner night has been planned for Saturday to mark the party's 50 years of existence, some in-house discussions are also expected to be held.

NFP's former general secretary and Lautoka branch president Vishwa Nadan said they were expecting a large turnout at the celebration.

The party's 50th anniversary celebration will be held at the San Bruno Hotel in Nadi from 7pm.

Mr Nadan said the party's senior members, women and youths were expected to congregate for the celebration.

"It is a dinner night but we may possibly discuss future strategies of the party in the countdown to the 2014 election," he said.

"Basically, we are getting the key people associated with NFP when it was founded until now together.

"We are mostly concentrating on people associated with NFP all those years since it was founded.

"We will just be integrating and sharing views and discussing the future course of the party."

Mr Nadan said the party's Nadi branch members Bala Dass and Prem Singh were the key organisers of the golden jubilee celebrations.

Although the party has its branches in different parts of the country, it is yet to map out a strategy for the election.

With an unsatisfactory performance in the general elections since 1999 when the FLP had a landslide victory in the Indian Communal constituencies, the NFP has yet to make a comeback.

The NFP's working committee is expected to meet next month to elect its office bearers and discuss the way forward for the party.