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Villagers change to healthy living

Luke Rawalai
Tuesday, December 03, 2013

ATTITUDES and behaviour need to change and Fijians must be aware of this if they want to combat the spread of NCDs.

Speaking at a seminar in Labasa, Vodafone World of Difference candidate and Labasa district representative Eminoni Limalevu said Fijians must change their attitude and behaviour towards their diet in order to become healthy people.

He said changes had been taking place in the village of Vunimoli since a healthy living program was adopted there.

"In the past, I would return to the village from town buying all sort of snacks for my children but now this has stopped," he said.

"My children have even stopped asking me for Bongos and Peanut Ruffs because I have completely cut out the habit.

"This is how I have changed the eating behaviour and attitude of my children talking to them about the disadvantages of taking these foodstuff in excess."

Mr Limalevu said Vunimoli villagers had even adopted a diet schedule for the village.

"This is not forced upon our villagers but it is well known in the village that Wednesdays are 'green day'," he said.

"Thursdays are known as 'no salt day' and Fridays are 'no sugar day'.

"Personally speaking from experience, I had a sugar level of 8.1 but after adopting the program my sugar level has dropped and the nurses are asking me to bring up my sugar level.

"We are planning to share our new-found secret with the people within our district and maybe the whole province of Macuata."

Mr Limalevu works as a World of Difference candidate at the Vodafone Fiji Foundation.