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Good Samaritan gives to elderly

Luke Rawalai
Tuesday, December 03, 2013

TWENTY-seven residents of the Labasa Ashram have been blessed with the kindness of a good Samaritan and former Fiji resident in Canada.

Bulileka couple Uma Naidu and Yashdil Naicker presented food and clothing to the elderly residents and conveyed to them the best wishes of their kind donor, Pramesh Swamy.

Mrs Naidu said this year was the second time they gave $350 to the Ashram residents.

Teary-eyed 64-year-old resident Prakash Wati said they were overjoyed to see the couple because it meant goodies for them.

"Most of us including me have lost contact with our loved ones and we are blessed once in a while with this sort of people," she said.

"We do not even know the sender but we know that this is the second time that Mr Swamy has sent us money."