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Wednesday, July 10, 2013



ROUND Two games of the Connect Raiwaqa inter-lane competition to be held on Friday at Eds court.

5:30pm Grantham Pirates-Grovers Lane (W), 6:30 Browning Bombers-Vunidawa (M)


OFF-season training for the Sparks and Mystics basketball teams starts today at the National Gymnasium from 6pm to 7.30pm. Contact coach Peni Ratumaiyale.


Veivatuloa Parish

THE Fiji Bitter Veivatuloa Parish netball tournament will be held on August 2 and 3 at Thomson Park in Navua. Only the first 24 teams and mixed teams will be accommodated. Registration fees $70. Winner pockets $400 and runner-up takes $200. Losing semi-finalists bags $100 each. There will be prizes for the best player. Contact Anei 9423406 or Sova 8375343 for more information.

Lautoka Business House

INVITATION is extended to all interested teams for business house mixed netball. Scheduled date for opening is July 31 and closing date for registration July 17. Contact Tommy 9207105 or Phoebe 9298520.


THERE will be a coaching clinic organised by the Ministry of Education this Friday, July 12 from 8am to 3pm at Lawaqa Park. Participants are requested to come with $10 each and certificate will be given after the clinic. For further infomation contact Siteri Nalu on 9371180.


INVITATION is extended to interested clubs to join the Naitasiri Netball Association. Registration fee is $100 per team and $50 per development team. Contact Alisi 9319309 and Vaulina 9254819.

Netball Fiji

THE Fiji National Netball Championships will be held on August 23-24 at the National Netball Centre, Laucala Bay, Suva. Associations are advised Islands, Minor and Major division competitions will be played on the two days. Associations that have not confirmed their participation should contact the administrator for Fiji Netball Joey on 3100638, 9509355 or the secretary Alini Sovu on 9929848. Affiliation fees, player/official levy and tournament fee need to be paid by no later than August 9. AGM will be held on August 3 at FASANOC House from 10am-12noon.


THE following Suva players have been selected to attend trials at the Vodafone Arena for the upcoming National Championship next month.

Shooters: Open Squad: Maria Lutua, Nina Cirikisuva, Savaira Sorovaki, Mere Usa, Ana Naulivou, Seuseu Maria, Sera -Rovers, Asenaca - Rovers, Lyn Koyamainavure, Cathy -USP, Seruwaia Vonolagi, Sera Vugakoto, Mereleini Tora; Under 21: Vilisi -CBM, Joana - CBM, Kelera -Tabuya, Naina - Veiyasana, Asenaca -Lomaiviti, Elenoa -Lomaiviti, Lela -Lomaiviti, Courtney - Veiyasana, Kalisi -Veiyasana, Tina -Veiyasana.

Mid Court: Open Squad: Asilika Sevutia, Mili Koyamainavure, Kini Veilawa, Hannah Tuikoro, Naitoko -USP, Ateca Levitu, Taoba -Rovers, Talica -Kadavu, Filo Korovulavula, Unaisi M - Kadavu, Soko Salaqiqi; Under 21: Lisa -CBM, Sera Raikoti -Veiyasana, Martina -Lomaiviti, Lela Koyamainavure -Lomaiviti, Masa-Lomaiviti, Miriama -Lomaiviti, Tiana-Lomaiviti, Aritema -Veiyasana, Mili Kotobalavu -Veiyasana, Ana Maria- Veiyasana.

Defenders: Open Squad: Sera Dakuitoga, Lusi R, Akanisi Toga, Matila Waqanidrola, Disaola - Lomaiviti, Loata -Tabuya, Seini-Our Lady of Loudes, Valeusa -Kadavu, Salote Taylor, Laisani S -CBM, Elenoa -Rovers, Venina Naitagotago, Vilimaina Vatureba -Veiyasana, Ateca - USP, Mela -USP; Under 21: Vakacegu -CBM, Miliana -Tovolea, Josivini -Veiyasana, Sera Dakuitoga -Veiyasana, Lute -Veiyasana, Disaola - Lomaiviti, Mere Nuku - Lomaiviti, Mary - Lomaiviti, Sainimili -Veiyasana.

Tako Lavo

FIJI Pacific Limited Tako Lavo netball and volleyball tournament will be held at Nasivikoso Village grounds on July 26-27 at 10am. Registration for netball open women $100 with winner to get $1000, runner-up $500 and losing semi-finalists $250, best player $50. For open men's, registration is $50 per team and winner $500, runner-up $200, losing semi-finalists $100, best player $50. Volleyball registration is $70 per team and winner gets $600 and runner-up $300 for first 24 teams only. All registration to be paid to Ropate Sigadrodro 9896067 by July 20 and no late entries will be accepted. There will also be the Tako Lavo Shield for the best dressed and many more. Food stalls available on first come first serve basis. Baravi Zone bus leaves for $10 return per person. Contact Judy 9949410 or 6502123.


Coaching course

THE Fiji Rugby Union will conduct the following course:* IRB Level 1 SNC Course (Trainer) Tavua/Vatukoula/Ba and Ra at DO's boardroom on July 11-12 from 9am to 4pm. Registration fees is $25 (included lunch). Contact Saroj Kumar 6680202, Cabe Kotoimakogai 9752990, Tupa Telawa 7480368 or Joeli Tubu 7071050.

IRB Level 1 Coaching and match officials clinic will be held on July 17 at the Gau Junior Secondary School from 8-4pm. Course fee is $20. Interested participants from Nairai and Batiki in Gau are requested to please contact the Course Co-ordinator Vola Vadei on 7376756 to register for the Course.

* THE IRB Education and training unit has given a grace period to the FRU IRB Level 3 student coaches for their accreditation to be completed by the end of 2013. The following students must attend the refresher course that will take place on Friday July 12 in Suva. Failure to attend the refresher course will cancel their accreditation process.

Sale Sorovaki, Alivereti Mocelutu, Peniasi Uluiviti, Elenoa Kunatuba, Iosefo Bele, Vuata Naresia, Watisoni Ratulevu, Salimoni Ravouvou, Saiasi Fuli, Lance Whippy, Luke Rogoyawa, Inoke Male, Samisoni Baikeitoga, Joni Takabau, Usaia Koroivunilagi, Eroni Vereivalu, Maika Saqatanaivalu, Christopher Waqa, Iliesa Tanivula, Senirusi Seruvakula

The following coaches have to attend the modules not yet completed on July 19 and 26 in Suva:

Elenoa Kunatuba, Iosefo Bele, Salimoni Ravouvou, Saiasi Fuli, Luke Rogoyawa, Samisoni Baikeitoga, Joni Takabau, Usaia Koroivunilagi, Eroni Vereivalu, Maika Saqatanaivalu, Christopher Waqa.

For more info contact Sale Sorovaki or Franck Boivert at FRU.

Women's rugby

THERE will be a School Girls 7s Competition in Lautoka on July 20 for the under-16 and U19 grades. For more information, please contact Mereti Din on 7071019.

Veivatuloa Parish 7s

THE Fiji Bitter Veivatuloa Parish 7s tournament will be held on August 2-3 at Thomson Park in Navua. Only the first 32 teams will be accommodated. Registration fees $200. Winner $2000, runner-up $1000. Losing semi-finalists $250 each and losing quarter-finalists gets $150 each. Plate winner wins $300, runner-up takes $250, bowl winner bags $200 and runner-up pockets $150. Contact Eneriko 9189986; Steven 9285541; Wane 3460127; Sekove 7834175; Suli 8375343; Joeli on 9387255 for details.

Burebasaga District 7s

THE Burebasaga District School Bazaar 7s tournament will be held on Saturday August 17 at the school ground in Rewa. Registration is $160. Winner gets $800. First 16 teams with payment of registration in full will be accommodated.

Registration closes on August 12. Contact Jone Turaganiqali 9705362/3546246 or Revoni Tamaniyasa 8346776 for more information.



THE Venus 3 Mini Mart-sponsored Snooker tournament will be played at the South Seas Club on July 14. Matches will be played in premier and senior grades. Entry fees: $10. Lunch will be provided. Contact: Rahul Mohammed on 6660784.


Suva Youth

THE Suva Youth side resumes training today at Albert Park from 4pm. Contact Mahen 9928435 or Ravindra Singh Ale 3304113.

Southern women

ALL those women interested to play soccer for the Southern veterans team or a team between the age of 30-45 years old. Contact Ashley on 9243650 or Bui on 9080361 or Ana 9422405.


Business House

THE Fiji Sports Council organised Business House volleyball competition continues tomorrow night at the FMF Gymnasium.

Court 1: 5.30 O2 Pharmacy - FRCA (Open P4), 5.45 Post - Paradise Beverage I (Open P2), 6.00 Salvation Army - Tyco (Open P4), 6.15 FNPF - ANZ (Open P3), 6.30 TLTB- PM's Office (Open P2), 6.45 Finance - FNPF I (Mixed P3), 7.00 CFL - ANZ (Mixed P1), 7.15 FNPF I - Tyco (Mixed P3), 7.30 Cfl - Navy (Mixed P1)

Court 2: 5.30 Ministry of Youth & Sports - Digicel (Mixed P5), 5.45 William & Gosling - FNPF II (Mixed P5), 6.00 PFD - CMNHS (FNU) (Mixed P2), 6.15 Post - FRCA (Mixed P4), 6.30 WAF - Fiji Times (Mixed P4), 6.45 Fiji Directories - Lyndhurst (Mixed P2), 7.00 FRCA - WAF (Mixed P4), 7.15 Transam - PM's Office (Mixed P3)

Suva Secondary Schools

The Sports World Suva Secondary Volleyball competition starts on Thursday, round one at the National Netball Centre from 3-5.30pm. Registration of $30 is still open. Contact Suva secondary School volleyball president Eroni Matatia 929 9040 for more information.


The Lautoka Volleyball Association in preparation to the new season 2013-2014, would like to invite interested clubs that would like to join the association in the new season, to our weekly off-season pocket tournaments around Lautoka beginning on Saturday 13th July 2013 at the Scopio Club courts at Vio Rd.

Games fees is $20 per team for both men and women with the winner take all prize.

This will go on till the start of the season in September 2013. Invitation is open to any club that wish to join the association in the new season.

Contact Kelly on 9687414, Save 9336234 and Jim 7223610.

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