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Life of colour and fun

Solomoni Biumaiono
Saturday, April 20, 2013

Modelling and acting are some of Tarusila Rayasi's extra-curricular activities.

These, the quality analyst with Mindpearl says, add colour and fun to what would otherwsie be a straight, black and white existence.

"It is something to make lifer a bit more fun and not just being a straight forward QA.

"From the advice my dad gave me he said to have something colourful in my CV instead of a being a black and white person all the time," Tarusila said.

It has been really a fun past three years for Tarusila as her modelling and acting career have taken off alongside her real career.

Hailing from Yadrana Village on Lakeba Island in Lau, Tarusila has already starred in two films and one documentary drama since 2010. She has also scored a modelling job with the Fiji Fashion Week franchise last year, apart from the freelance modelling she has done since.

"That is why I urge young people who have skills and talents not to be shy about it," she said.

A good example she says is her acting which started around Sunday School dramas before turning out to be a dream come true when she saw herself on screen.

"People always comm­e­nded me for my performances during the Sunday School plays and that was where it first started and I have managed to make something out of it."

She first joined a talent agency where she established contacts with likeminded people working hard to establish a local movie industry.

"I first started off with Anurag of the Dream Weaver Talent Agency where I applied for and auditioned for roles in movies and was lucky enough to get a break," Tarusila said.

Her first movie was "Trouble in Paradise". This was directed by Narend Naidu with Tarusila starring opposite Jolame Delana in the action and comedy movie shot entirely in the country.

"I acted opposite Jolame in "Trouble in Paradise Part Two" which is a comedy and based entirely about life in Fijian society."

She has since gained enough confidence to enter into a beauty pageant and later she landed her second lead role as an iTaukei woman who married a Fijian man of Indian descent in the documentary drama "Suruji".

"In the movie my character was required to talk in Hindi and to dance to Indian tunes and after the movie was screened two years later, I was surprised to learn that many people recognised my role in the movie as I was an iTaukei woman who married a Fijian man (of Indian descent) who came as an indentured labourer and got banished from the village," she said.

"Speaking in Hindi was nothing new to me because I went to Bhawani Dayal Arya College and I took up Hindi as a compulsory subject as a Form Three student until Form Five."

She has just finished shooting her latest film, a short film called "Lost Soul" which was directed by Bright Future Films producer Rajneel Raj.

"I played a prostitute who always counselled this guy and through all the twists in the movie had a surprising ending," she said.

She has become an advocate for the Arts, especially the movie industry.

She also plans to introduce more young people into the movie industry as an alternative to other forms of employment and also to encourage them to use their talents and skills.

When asked about her future as an actress Tarusila simply shrugged and quipped, "As it grows I will grow with it but time will tell".

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