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The healing powers of Naag Baba Kuti

Avinesh Gopal
Tuesday, March 19, 2013

SUNAINA Devi is a living testimony to the healing powers of a temple.

Despite visiting some doctors, she was not healed of a skin infection.

But it was her faith in the powers of the temple that cured her.

People have reported being healed off their health problems at the Naag Baba Kuti in Raralevu, Nausori.

It is a place of worship established by the indentured labourers who were brought to Fiji from India.

The place also holds the story of three Hindu saints (sadhu) who came with the indentured labourers and moved inland.

Although the three saints died decades ago, their spirits reportedly wander at the temple site situated among the forest.

People from all walks of life have been visiting the temple since time immemorial and they have found peace and prosperity in their lives.

Ms Devi, who worked as a cleaner at a university, contracted a skin infection few months ago.

"I worked during the night and somehow I got a very bad skin infection on my legs," she said.

"I went to skin specialists and other doctors and spent a lot of money on their fees and the medicine prescribed to me.

"But despite using all the medicine prescribed by the various doctors, the skin infection just didn't go."

Ms Devi said she was then informed by someone about the healing powers of the Naag Baba Kuti.

She was told that people visiting the temple with faith in their hearts had been healed of various medical and personal problems.

"I came to the temple and prayed. I was told to use the water from the creek running through the temple yard to clean my legs.

"I continued coming to the temple and took the water from the creek and washed my legs with it.

"Within one month I found the infection on my legs disappearing and I was feeling much better than before.

"After being healed of the skin infection on my legs, I became a stronger devotee of the temple and I come here often."

Ms Devi travels to the temple from her home in Nasinu every Tuesday and Friday to pray and clean the premises.

She says she has found peace and a better life by visiting the temple.

"Whenever I come to the temple, I fill water from the creek in a bottle and take it home.

"I drink the water and even apply it on my body if I feel sick. My family also uses the water when they are sick and they can feel the difference," she said.

But apart from healing people of their medical and personal problems, the powers at the temple have also reportedly healed people possessed by evil spirits.

Ms Devi said her son, who was in Class Eight, got very sick last year after doing some gardening at his school.

She said her son was digging a garden at his school when he dug up some bones, saying the place was near an old grave.

"The bones were thrown away by the teacher and when my son came home, he told us the story.

"He got very sick that night and started saying all kinds of things and was acting in a very strange manner.

"The way he was behaving just showed that he had been possessed by an evil spirit, so I took him to the Naag Baba Kuti.

"But while praying at the temple, my son started acting strangely again and making different kinds of sounds.

"He pushed everyone aside and ran away into the bushes and some landowners of the temple site went after him.

"They managed to get hold of him and bring him back to the temple. It was very hard for us to control him."

Ms Devi said her son calmed down after they prayed and applied the babuth (Holy ash) on his forehead.

She said her son was healed at the temple and he had not acted strangely since then.

"He really doesn't even remember well what had happened to him.

"This place holds a lot of power and I can vouch for that because my son and I were both healed off our problems here."

Ms Devi said she had been living a good life ever since she started visiting the temple after being told about it by someone.

Like her, there are many people in various parts of Fiji who might have been healed off their problems at the temple.

People going there have reportedly passed their exams with good marks, got good jobs, succeeded in business and even migrated to greener pastures.

Some whose married lives were on the verge of break-up have also found their relationship strengthening after visiting the temple.

The tombs of the three saints who died at the temple site are also there, next to a temple that was built by Brij Bhan Singh's family with the assistance of other donors.

People visiting the temple also pray at the tombs of the three holy men. Steps lead devotees down to the creek where the Shiva Lingam or Shiv Ling as commonly known by devotees is found.

The stone is reported to have taken shape like that naturally and is always the most crowded place during any major prayers or events in the Hindu calendar.

Devotees worship Lord Shiva at the stone.

While the place is filled with peace, tranquility and reported miracles, no one living to this day knows why it was chosen by the indentured labourers as their place of worship.

Story has it that people who spend a night at the temple with a clean heart and mind will experience things when they wake up the next morning.

People who spent a night at the temple have reported seeing the spirits of the three sadhu as the new day breaks.

Sanjeet Singh, whose family looks after the temple, said the temple had a lot of powers from the time of his forefathers.

Mr Singh says devotees will wake up between 4am and 5am.

"You will wake up and hear bhajans (devotional songs) and the recital of the Hindu holy scriptures as the new day breaks," he said.

"The three sadhu can also be seen in the misty morning getting ready for the morning prayers.

"But only those who spend the night at the temple with a clean heart and mind will be able to see and feel this.

"I have seen the three sadhu early in the morning getting ready for prayers and I've heard devotional songs and recital of the holy scriptures too."

Mr Singh said many people would not believe what he was talking about but those who had faith in the temple would know.

The Naag Baba Kuti at Raralevu is said to be one of the few such places of worship setup by the first lot of indentured labourers who arrived in Fiji. Apart from this, there are other places in the country which are frequently visited by Hindus and others alike with the hope of finding solutions to their problems.

People of all races are reported to be visiting this place of worship in Raralevu to find peace and prosperity in their lives.

But one thing that is yet to be determined is why this particular spot was chosen by the indentured labourers and the sadhu.

It will remain a mystery like the other reported healings taking place at the place of worship.

However, the hope that it will be unlocked remains in the minds of many people.

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