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Emoni Narawa
Friday, March 01, 2013


Fiji Athletics

ATHLETICS Fiji weekly competition will be held at Cathedral Secondary School Grounds tomorrow. 10am 3000 U18, U20, Open; Long Jump U16, U18, U20, Open; 10.15 30m U6, U8, U10; 10.30 100m U14, U16, U18, U20, Open; Shot Put U18, U20, Open; 10.45 400m U16, U18, U20, Open; 11.00 50m U8, U10, U12; Javelin U18, U20, Open; 11.15 200m U14, U16, U18, U20, Open; 11.30 800m U16, U18, U20, Open; 11.45 4x100m relays U14, U16, U18, U20, Open

Jet Runners

PROGRAM for the Jet Runners Club 5kilometres fun run which starts at McDonalds in Nadi tomorrow. 7am Registration, 8am start 5km Fun Run, Grades: Primary, Secondary, Open and Veterans. Contact: Abinesh Kumar Race Director 9402188



DRAWS for this weekend's games at Eds court in Raiwaqa

Today: 5pm Sparks-Chosen II (W), 6pm Saints-Chosen (W), 7pm Golden Bati-USP (W)

Tomorrow: 12:30pm - 1:45pm: U10 & U16 Boys/ Girls Games, 2pm Macpacers-Mighty Mights (M), 3pm Golden Bati-Wesley Stripe 91 (W), 4pm Boston Red-Veterans (M), 5pm Lady Birds-Chosen II (W), 6pm USP-Bryce (M); Duty & Bye teams: Sparks (W), Boston White (W)



THE Suva Cricket Association round two game eight fixtures for tomorrow will be played at Albert Park.

Ground One: 8.30am HMT Army-Moce II , 11.30 Police-Novotel VICC (Perpetual Cup Challenge), 2.30 Green Energy Oneata-Ono-i-Lau; Ground Two: 8.30am Moce I-Westpac Sarafui, 11.30 BSP Titans-TKG Yadrana, 2.30 SGSOB-Nasaqalau



THE Ratu Kini Backpackers Resort of Mana Island sponsored 18 holes bogey event will be played at the Denarau Golf and Racquet Club in Nadi tomorrow. Tee-off: 11am-12 midday.


THE LGC will host the Islands Refrigeration & Electrical Wholesalers Ltd sponsored 12 holes stroke event on Sunday. Tee-off: 10.00am-11.00am. Starters: Anthony John/Gaffar Ali; Card: Abdul Khan/Moh'd Shariff; Match: Prem Chand/Raymond Singh; Prize Presentation: Vijay Ram/Ravindra Singh. *Other club members invited to compete for main prizes, *Full subs of $150 now due for this season. Conatct Gaffar Ali -phone on 9789 235 for more information.


THE final round of the Rotomould Fiji Limited sponsored 2013 Summer Cup will be played at the Nadi Airport Golf Club tomorrow. Tee off: 11am-1.30pm. Cards: Balram, Ambika. Prize presentation: C.S Pillay. THE ANZ Bank sponsored season opening event will be played on March 9.



THE Suva Netball Association will have its annual general meeting at the FASANOC board room tomorrow at 10am.


Deuba 7s

THE Deuba Development Open Sevens tournament will be held at the Deuba District School grounds on March 2. 12 teams will be accommodated in the open category and 12 teams in the under-20 category. Registration fee is $120 and closes today. The Cup winner will get $500, runner-up $300, 3rd placed team $230, 4th placed team $200. The plate winner will get $160, runner-up $130 and bowl winner will get $100 and runner-up $50. All under-20 players please bring your ID card, registration voter card or birth certificate to the ground. Contact Gordon Tabualevu on 9074098 or Aloesi Nakaiwalu on 9060182.


THE annual general meeting of the Nadi Rugby Union will be held at the Nadi Civic Centre on March 9 starting at 10am. Contact: Noa Neivali 8779469.

Nawaka 7s

THE Fiji Bitter Nawaka 7s will be held at Prince Charles Park grounds 1, 2 and 3.

Today: 9.05am G1 Westfield I-Vomo, G2 Ocean Breeze-Abba Youth, G3 Botaira-Golden Eagles; 9.18 G1 Wardens Green-Taki Beer Mokani, G2 Rt Filise Blue-Nasolo YB, G3 Lomaiviti Babas-Gaunavou Nadro; 9.31 G1 Army Red-Momi, G2 Sabeto-Marist, G3 Tale Babas I-Senibiau; 9.44 G1 Nasinu-Natabua, Western Force-Burenitu Blues, G3 Nadi Stormers-Draulu; 9.57 G1 Nawaka Black-Yalovata, G2 Wadigi Babas-Vusama Tigers, G3 Samurai Babas-Vunavaivai; 10.10 G1 Covenant Bro-Nasivikoso, G2 BSP Fiji Police-Starwood Savusavu, G3 Vio-Red Rock II; 10.23 G1 Red Rock I-Westfield II, G2 Delasui-Vuda Blues, G3 Army Green-Veitacini YB Rewa; 10.36 G1 Cagimaira-Ratu, Filise Yellow, G2 Saunaka-Vuda Green, G3 Mosi-Dritabua; 10.49 G1 Wardens Gold -Natabua Gold, G2 Veiyasana Senikau-Hideaway Hurricanes, G3 Yamacia Rakavi-Navatulevu Crusaders; 11.02 G1 Nawaka White-Turbenacle, G2 Coastal Rentals -Boomerang, G3 Tale Babas II-Koroba; 11.15 G1 Mala YB-Tovolea Nadroga, G2 Cakaudrove Warrior-Solevu, G3 Westfield I-Abba Youth; 11.28 G1 Ocean Breeze-Vomo, G2 Botaira-Taki Beer Mokani, G3 Wardens Green-Golden Eagles; 11.41 G1 Rt Filise Blue-Gaunavou Nadro,G2 Lomaiviti Babas-Nasolo YB, G3 Army Red-Marist; 11.54 G1 Sabeto-Momi, G2 Tale Babas I-Natabua, G3 Nasinu-Senibiau; 12.07pm G1 Western Force-Draulu, G2 Nadi Stormers-Burenitu Blues, G3 Nawaka Black-Vusama Tigers; 12.20 G1 Wadigi Babas-Yalovata, G2 Samurai Babas-Nasivikoso, G3 Covenant Bro-Vunavaivai; 12.33 G1 BSP Fiji Police-Red Rock II, G2 Vio-Starwood Savusavu, G3 Red Rock I-Vuda Blues; 12.46 G1 Delasui-Westfield II, G2 Army Green-Ratu Filise Yellow, G3 Cagimaira-Veitacini YB Rewa; 12.59 G1 Saunaka-Dritabua, G2 Mosi-Vuda Green, G3 Wardens Gold-Hideaway Hurricanes; 1.12 G1 Veiyasana Senikau-Natabua Gold, G2 Yamacia Rakavi-Turbenacle, G3 Nawaka White-Navatulevu Crusaders; 1.25 Coastal Rentals-Koroba, G2 Tale Babas II-Boomerang, G3 Mala YB-Solevu; 1.38 G1 Cakaudrove Warrior-Tovolea Nadroga, G2 Westfield I-Ocean Breeze, G3 Abba Youth-Vomo; 1.51 G1 Botaira-Wardens Green, G2 Taki Beer Mokani-Golden Eagles, G3 Rt Filise Blue-Lomaiviti Babas; 2.04 G1 Gaunavou Nadro-Nasolo YB,G2 Army Red-Sabeto, G3 Marist-Momi; 2.17 G1 Tale Babas I-Nasinu, G2 Natabua-Senibiau, G3 Western Force-Nadi Stormers; 2.30 G1 Draulu-Burenitu Blues,G2 Nawaka Black-Wadigi Babas, G3 Vusama Tigers-Yalovata; 2.43 G1 Samurai Babas-Covenant Bro, G2 Nasivikoso-Vunavaivai, G3 BSP Fiji Police-Vio; 2.56 G1 Red Rock II-Starwood Savusavu, G2 Red Rock I-Delasui, G3 Vuda Blues-Westfield II; 3.09 G1 Army Green-Cagimaira, G2 Ratu Filise Yellow-Veitacini YB Rewa, G3 Saunaka-Mosi; 3.22 G1 Dritabua-Vuda Green, G2 Wardens Gold-Veiyasana Senikau, G3 Hideaway Hurricane- Natabua Gold; 3.35 G1 Westfield-Vagadra, Nasivikoso I-Nawaka II, Malomalo Babas-Votua; 3.48 G1 Korotabu-Ratu Filise, G2 Saunaka-Unity Brothers, G3 Lolobalavu-Tovolea; 4.14 G1 Nawaka I-Uprising Korocago, G2 Nasaunivalu-Deuba; 4.27 G1 Yamacia Rakavi-Nawaka White, G2 Turbenacle-Navatulevu Crusaders, G3 Coastal Rentals-ale Babas II; 4.40 G1 Nasivikoso I-Vagadra, G2 Malomalo Babas-Ratu Filise, G3 Westfield-Nawaka II; 4.53 G1 Saunaka-Tovolea, G2 Lolobalavu-Unity Brothers, G3 Korotabu-Votua; 5.06 G1 Nasaunivalu-Uprising Korocago, G3 Nawaka I-Deuba; 5.19 G1 Koroba-Boomerang, G2 Mala YB-Cakaudrove Warrior, G3 Solevu-Tovolea Nadroga; 5.32 G1 Malomalo Babas-Korotabu, G2 Westfield-Nasivikoso I, G3 Nawaka II-Vagadra; 5.45 G1 Tovolea-Unity Brothers, G2 Ratu Filise-Votua, G3 Saunaka-Lolobalavu; 5.58 G1 Nawaka I-Nasaunivalu, G2 Deuba-Uprising Korocago



THE second council meeting for the Lautoka Football Association which was supposed to be held at the Churchill Park canteen at 5.30pm on March 4 has been postponed to a later date.

National Football League

THE fixtures for this weekend's Fiji Sun/GP Batteries NFL competition.

Tomorrow: Subrail Park, Labasa, 1pm Savusavu-Rewa, 3pm Labasa-Navua


Subrail Park, Labasa, 1pm Savusavu- Navua, 3pm Labasa-Rewa

Churchill Park, Lautoka

9am Lautoka U21-Tavua U21, 11am Nadroga U21-Nadi U21, 1pm Lautoka-Tavua, 3pm Nadroga-Nadi


THE knockout competition for the Nasinu Football Association will be held at Rishikul Sanatan College on Sunday.

8.30am Chelsea-Kalabu, 9.40am Babarrians-Nadera, 11.00am NTC-Kalokalo, 12.20pm Frends-Lotos, 1.30pm Lincoln-Mandir, 3pm Nasole I-Chelsea/Kalabu. For further queries do contact Mr Vinesh on 9984271 and Shaneel Maharaj on 9236440


LOCAL League draws for the Rewa Football will be played at Saraswati Primary School grounds, Manoca, Nausori on Sunday. G1: 9am St Christophers-Waidamu Strikers, 10.30 Lakena Strikers-Combine Verata, 11.45 Hakwa Sports-Manoca All Blacks, 1pm Tanoalevu-Golden Sports, 2.15 Visama FC-Waila Sports, 3.30 United III-Waila United


Fiji Touch

THE Fiji Touch Association draws for tomorrow's games at Furnival Park.

G1: 10am Raiwaqa Flyers I-Raiwaqa Flyers II (U17), 10.55 Davui Magics-Super Touch (W), 11.20 Raiwaqa Flyers-JNG Stallions (U20), 11.45 Bombers-Davui Magics (U20), 12.30pm Barbarians-Sixers (M), 1.15 Bombers-First Touch (M), 2.00 Kanavi Blues-Raiwaqa Flyers II (M), 2.45 First Touch-Combined (Mixed), 3.30pm Raiwaqa Flyers-Roosters (Mixed)

G2: 10am Roosters-Flamingos (U20), 10.55 First Touch-Raiwaqa Flyers (W), 11.45 Breakthrough-Super Touch (M), 12.30pm JNG Stallions-Kia (M), 1.15 Raiwaqa Flyers I-Roosters (M), 2.00 Barbarians-Breakthrough (Mixed), 2.45 Bombers-Davui Magic (Mixed); Bye: Bombers U17, Bomers Women, PFD Raiders (M) and Davui Magics (M)



DRAWS for round three which will be played at the Kalevu grounds tomorrow

Court One Women: 11am Seniwi-Pixie Katz, 11.40 Daveta-Police Wives, 12.20pm Delrio-Flyers, 12.40 Stoppers-Delrio, 1.20 Flyers Police-Wives, 1.40 Flyers-Stopper, 2.20 Police Wives-Seniwi, 2.40 Challenge Pixie Katz-Police Wives, 3.20 Vanua Squad Challenge Team I-Team II

Court Two Men: 11am Frendz-Delrio, 11.40 Daveta-Pixie Katz, 12.20pm Hornets-Frendz, 12.40 Seniwi-Green Gold II, 1.20 Frendz-Green Gold I, 1.40 Delrio-Green Gold II, 2.20 Seniwi-Hornets, 2.40 Pixie Katz-Frendz, 3.00 Challenge Seniwi-Green Gold I

Security Forces

THE Security Forces Volleyball Association will be hosting a tournament tomorrow at the Immigration car park starting at 8am.

Women: Police I-Correction (P1), Army II-Army III (P1), Police I-Army III (P1), Army I-Navy (P2), Corrections-Army II (P1), Police II-Navy (P2), Police I-Army 2 (P1), Army I-Police II (P2), Corrections-Army III (P1)

Men: Immigration I-Police I (P1), Army I-Navy (P2), Police I-Fire (P1), Correction-Police II (P2), Army II-Police I (P1), Navy-Corrections (P2), Immigration I-Fire (P1), Army I-Police II (P2), Army II-Fire (P1), Navy-Police II (P2), Immigration I-Army II (P1), Army I-Corrections (P2)


THE Waiyavi Volleyball Association club games will be held at the Natabua High School courts from 9am tomorrow. Saffron-Bila, Senibua 1-Outcast Black, Bula 2-Outcast White, Senibua 2-Balawa, Tagimoucia-Bula 1, Sky Hawks-Scorpio 1, Scorpio 2-Falconz, Tribe-Outcast White, Senibua 2-Tagimoucia, Saffron-Scorpio 1, Bula 2-Scorpio 2, Bila-Falconz, Senibua 1-Balawa, Bula 1-Outcast Black, Senibua 2-Bila, Tribe-Scorpio 1, Safforn-Scorpio 2, Outcast White-Balawa, Bula 2-Falconz, Tagimoucia-Bila, Scorpio 1-Outcast Black, Scorpio 2-Sky Hawks, Senibua 1-Saffron, Tagimoucia-Balawa, Senibua 2-Falconz, Bula 1- Bila, Bula 2-Tribe, Tribe-Saffron (Challenge Trophy).

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