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Abduction fails

Maciu Malo
Saturday, February 16, 2013

POLICE are investigating a brazen abduction attempt involving an 18-year-old Sigatoka woman who claims her attackers injected her with an unknown substance.

The incident allegedly took place before 8am on Wednesday, close to where the Sigatoka bus stand is located.

When The Fiji Times arrived at Sigatoka Town some three hours later, news of the incident had spread. Locals huddled in groups shared all kinds of theories as they speculated on the motives of the attackers.

On Monday, a 23-year-old supermarket worker also experienced a similar abduction attempt at Melrose Bridge. His family also reported the matter to police.

The Fiji Times caught up with waitress Sonam Swastika Lata at the Sigatoka Hospital.

She said she managed to escape by screaming and running to the safety of a nearby restaurant.

Police chief operations officer Assistant Police Commissioner Rusiate Tudravu said investigations had started.

"We have received a report. It is an allegation by a woman who said she was injected by two men near one of the supermarkets in Sigatoka," he said.

"During the investigation the victim did not know whether she was really injected."

"In fact she was taken to the hospital yesterday (Wednesday) and we are waiting for the medical reports in regards to the outcome of the blood tests.

"We have directed a dedicated team to get to the bottom of this story and we will be going back to the victim and further question her with regards to the issue.

"I understand the incident has sparked concern in the community but we want to ensure the public that we are closely monitoring and we want to get the bottom of this issue."

Ms Lata said she was still reeling from with the incident.

"I was coming out of the supermarket when two men grabbed me from behind at the same time injected my hand with a green needle.

"I tried to free myself but they firmly held my hands to my back. I was scared and started to yell then they let go and I ran to a nearby restaurant then later. I felt weak, like I was about to faint. My boss then rushed me to the hospital where I was treated and sent back later in the afternoon."

In the earlier incident, Nitesh Kumar claimed he was attacked by two men.

He said he was on his way home to Laselase for lunch when a vehicle stopped beside him.

"I was shocked when two men got out of the car and tried to drag me in the vehicle. I resisted and the buttons of my shirt came off. They were too strong so I bit one of the man's arms and he let go of me," he said.

"It was a traumatic experience. It's a big thing for me now, this business of walking to walk."

His father Jashwant Prasad said he had lodged a complaint with the Sigatoka Police.

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