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Tough reputation

Source: Carpenters Motors
Saturday, February 09, 2013

The word Isuzu is familiar to those of us that know our trucks, as the world's biggest manufacturer of medium to heavy duty trucks the Isuzu brand is held in high regard around the world.

Isuzu's new Ute gets its own unique face, with meatier guards, upswept headlights and a more conventional grille design.

The D-Max is offered in Fiji with single and crew cabs in Ute form, manual and automatic transmissions, different trim grades, and 4x4 & 4x2 configurations.

Mechanical Package

Transmissions include the familiar five-speed manual, now with a revised gear-lever pivot point, and a newly-developed five-speed 'Rev-Tronic' automatic transmission with sequential sports mode.

The new auto is electronically controlled by the transmission control module, featuring an adaptive-learning function that monitors brake and throttle use. The system allows the transmission to automatically select the most appropriate shift points and lock-up points depending on the driver's behaviour, the vehicle speed and the vehicle load.

Depending on the specification, fuel consumption figures vary from 8.0 to 8.3 l/100km, while CO2 emissions vary from 211 to 220g/km.

The 2013 D-Max also introduces a new Terrain Command 4WD select dial, allowing the driver to adjust between two-and four-wheel drive modes.

There's a new ladder frame chassis in the new D-Max, dubbed i-Grip—Isuzu Gravity Response Intelligent Platform. Isuzu says strength and rigidity is improved by 42 per cent. The new D-Max also gets a longer wheelbase across the range, up from 3050mm in the current model to 3095mm for the 2013 pickup.

The suspension package includes the new 'Flex-Ride' system. The front-end gets independent double wishbone with coil springs and gas shocks, while the rear gets long-span leaf springs; under-slung on 4x2 models and over-slung for the 4x4.

Today's global business environment is typified by demand for reliable commercial vehicles and increased corporate focus to implement environmental and sustainable initiatives. These challenges are at the heart of ISUZU's product development strategy, known as the SEE technology—which stands for Safety, Economy, and Environment. These three core areas are the basis of ISUZU's product development program. The all-new ISUZU DMAX cleverly embodies this philosophy.

Performance, reliability, comfort and dependability. These are the key concepts that dictated the styling of the new ISUZ DMAX. In our endless pursuit for more fuel efficient, comfortable ride, the ISUZU designers conducted extensive wind tunnel testing around the world, to ensure the aerodynamics of the new ISUZU DMAX created a quieter and more economical pick-up truck.

With a tough reputation to maintain and reliability to be guaranteed, the new ISUZU DMAX was subjected to countless hours of laboratory testing of environmental and climatic conditions from around the world.

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