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Faculty of Science Technology and Environment

Friday, February 01, 2013

The Faculty of Science Technology and Environment (FSTE) has been the key provider of premium quality education for science students in the Pacific for the past 41 years. The dynamic team at FSTE ensures that students get a life-time experience of learning through discovery, exploration, experimentation and team work.

The Faculty takes pride in providing the best learning support to its students. We deploy the most current ICT tools and technologies not only to make learning enjoyable and more effective, but also to reach out to students who prefer to study from home or while working. We make sure that our students get current information and are up to date with the developments around the globe. We strive for the best.

The following highlight some of the products and services that have been tailor-made to suit the students of the Pacific:

* Online Courses

One of our arterial aims is to take our services and products to every doorstep in the region. We realise this through the design and development of fully online courses. Fully online courses give students more accessibility not only to the course materials 24/7, but also to forums, upcoming events, instructor's feedback, online activities, assessments and announcements. It allows students to interact online and to generate discussions without waiting for the class members to meet up face to face. Online posts can be made from anywhere and at any time.

* Early Warning System (EWS)

EWS is an intelligent flagging or alert system developed in-house by staff and research assistants of USP. This unique warning system hosted on Moodle classifies a student's performance as satisfactory or unsatisfactory in a particular course using the student's behavioural patterns. The student is able to see a detailed description of his/her completions, participation and coursework on a weekly basis, thus the student is alerted and given a chance to improve and get back on track.

* Mobile Learning (mLearning)

The Faculty provides learning opportunities accessible conveniently through mobile technologies. Mobile Learning basically means you do not always have to be in a fixed location or classroom. You can access information on your assignments, messages from your lecturers, reminders, and attempt your assessments virtually from anywhere. All you have to do is carry your portable mobile devices.

Services and functionalities offered through the mobile technology include:

(i) SMS Notifications

SMS relays important and urgent messages speedily and reliably.

FSTE uses SMS notifications to ensure that its students receive messages from their lecturers regarding upcoming events, due dates, test dates, venue and time, reminders and other important information regarding their courses. This vital service assists the students to manage their time well, keep track of their performance and also to get a head start. (FREE SERVICE)

(ii) Accessing Marksheet via SMS

This service allows students to view their course marks available on Moodle just by sending a request SMS to the USP mLearning short code and they will receive their marks via instant SMS. (FREE SERVICE)

(iii) Accessing Exam Information via SMS

This service allows students to view their exam information via SMS. This information includes their exam date, venue, time, and seat number if assigned. Students just have to send a request SMS to the USP mLearning short code and they will receive their exam information via instant SMS. (FREE SERVICE)

(iv) Course Finder Mobile Web Application

The course finder application is a web-based application that allows students to search and browse all the list of courses offered by USP.

This course information includes course descriptions, prerequisites, semester of offer and contacts.

The mLearning services and functionalities are available to both the Vodafone and Digicel users. For more information on the mLearning projects, please visit:

* New Programs

FSTE has introduced the following new programs:

* Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)

* Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronics)

* Bachelor of Net-Centric Computing

* Bachelor of Software Engineering

The Bachelor of Net-Centric Computing and Bachelor of Software Engineering have been provisionally accredited by the Australian Computer Society. This means that the graduates can earn Australian standard qualification by paying local fees. Graduates of these programs will be eligible to become members of the Australian Computer Society and be granted the Certified Technologist (CT) post-nominal. They will be eligible to apply for recognition as Certified Professional (CP) after 5 years of suitable professional ICT experience.

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