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Verenaisi Raicola
Saturday, January 26, 2013

SCA is a global hygiene and paper company that develops and produces personal-care products, tissue, packaging solutions, publication papers and solid wood products.

They have 45,000 employees and conduct sales in more than 100 countries around the globe. Regionally SCA Hygiene Australasia operates in Fiji, Australia and New Zealand, holding the number one market position in majority of categories.

Their brands are household names known for great quality and hygiene that include Orchid, Viti, Treasures, Tork, Libra, Softly and Tena.

SCA Hygiene in Fiji was formerly known as Carter Holt Harvey, and is the leading manufacturer and distributor of paper products for over 50 years with over 90 full time employees.

The Nakasi factory produces the Orchid range of toilet tissues, serviettes, facial tissues, kitchen towels and hand towels, Viti Toilet paper and they also repack the Giggles diapers into smaller mini packs.

Did you know that Orchid is SCA HA's (Pacific) flagship brand! They are the only local manufacturers that offer consumers a soft yet strong tissue paper with a light scent.

Orchid Toilet Tissue uses the world famous Chanel's Allure perfume to scent each roll.

However, they are very careful not to over cover scent the rolls, making them just perfect for a pleasant aroma in the bathroom.

Orchid Toilet tissue is made using paper sourced for a sustainable source.

General Manager for SCA Eldon Eastgate said sustainable source meant that it's like a dalo plantation, you plant dalo as you harvest to ensure that it is always available.

"SCA does the same, for every tree that we cut from our plantations, we replant for the future," he said.

Mr Eastgate said their paper manufacturing site in New Zealand was a carbon free site where geo-thermal energy was used to run the plant.

All sites have an Energy Reduction Programme in place with the goal of reducing energy consumption by five per cent by end of this year.

Energy reduction targets are also part of each manager's annual key accountabilities.

Orchid toilet tissues were made from virgin paper. What is the difference between virgin and recycled fibre?

Virgin fibres have not previously been used. It is possible to identify the source of virgin fibres, the production processes used to make the pulp and the likely characteristics of a product manufactured from this. Recycled fibres have been used previously.

The fibre is degraded each time it is recycled. Fibre quality and consistency is an issue as is potential contamination.

Is the manufacture of recycled product as eco-friendly as people are led to believe?

As with all manufacturing processes, the "eco-friendliness" of the process often comes down to the culture of the organization and whether it believes looking after the environment is important. It is also important to consider a "cradle-to-grave" view as looking at a small segment of a process can lead to false conclusions about the merits of one process over another.

Social, cultural and economic considerations may also play an important part in determining "eco-friendliness".

SCA Fiji is also very committed to the local communities. They have recently donated over $20,000 worth of TENA adult incontinence products.

These were donated to a number of age care homes, Father Law Home, Hilton Special School, Western Disable, Natabua old people's home, Pearce Home and Babasiga Ashram. Incontinence is a disorder that many in Pacific Islands consider it as a taboo subject; however, living with incontinence can be made easy by TENA products.

For these age care homes, it's a huge relief that SCA donated these TENA products.

They also support a number of NGOs on a regular basis, whether it's for Giggles diapers, Libra pads or their Orchid tissue range.

An event coming soon will be a SCA sponsored Nakasi clean-up day.

They are already talking with the local town council. SCA takes pride in its environment, so a clean-up day is important for everyone to come together and do just that.

They are also a business that continuously reinvests within. They have recently upgraded their staff member facilities and the next thing in mind is expanding their staff base by 10 per cent.

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