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The power of prayer

Solomoni Biumaiono
Wednesday, January 09, 2013

TEVITA Kalou was as healthy as he could be when he retired from the civil service earlier this year, but within the space of a few months he was facing an unexplained life threatening disease.

The disease was so debilitating that Mr Kalou lost his appetite, could not go to the toilet without the aid of a tube, lost all movements of his body and was bedridden for the best part of two months.

So much so that even doctors could not explain his sickness as their diagnosis kept on changing.

"All I can say is that what happened to me was only cured through the power of prayer and my faith as well as my family and friends in the power of God," Mr Kalou said.

The 56-year-old's sickness emerged in October last year when he suddenly had an unexplained loss of appetite. He refused any form of food for three consecutive days.

He had just retired straight to his village where he had bought a carrier as means of a livelihood and had started his business of ferrying villagers between villages.

"After three days I felt weak and had to lie down, and straight away I could not pass urine or use the toilet and I required medical attention. I was admitted at our health centre for two weeks before I was transferred to Suva," he said.

In the meantime, he could not take any food and his body, which weighed 98 kilograms prior to the sickness, was ravaged by the lack of nourishment as he lost weight uncontrollably.

His wife Marica Kalou who was by his side all this time was concerned by her husband's deteriorating condition.

She encouraged their children, family and church members to pray over her husband.

Mr Kalou said this started off what he firmly believes in his mind as the only medicine that he needed to heal him - the power of prayer and faith in God.

"Prayer groups from different Christian denominations prayed over my husband and even when he was transferred to Suva, we even had a prayer group from Labasa praying over the phone for him. Other pastors from various church groups joined us in our prayers including one from All Nations and the White Horse Ministries as well as a doctor who is also a pastor," Mrs Kalou said.

When mr Kalou was transferred to Suva, doctors said he would require surgery to remove the blockage to his urinal system, but a scan a few weeks later revealed that there was nothing wrong with his urinal system.

Later he was tested again at Wainibokasi Hospital where he was sent for observation. It was revealed that there was some of kind of sickness detected in his blood.

At the same time he was also told that his kidney would have to be removed because he was suffering from a kidney problem.

"The process was that they send my name from Nausori Hospital to be faxed to Suva where I was to be given a date for surgery but from that day up until now, I still haven't received a call for that surgery," Kalou said.

His wife added that ever since he fell sick at his village, his sugar level kept on spiking even though he was not eating anything but all through this, she noticed that his pupils never once changed colour to yellow or paled.

"His sugar level went as high as 32.0 all throughout the time he was sick and only decreased later on when he started to recover," she said.

Mr Kalou's son Jone, who was looking after him, said their family began chain praying on December 8 last year when they first started to see rapid signs of recovery from their dad.

Now Mr Kalou proudly announces that he has regained full body movement and is mobile again. He testifies that it is the power of prayer that allowed him to fully recover from the unexplained sickness.

"When my shoulder became swollen and eventually burst as a boil, I didn't see that as a sign of recovery because the main cause of my sickness was the loss of appetite. After going through medical check-ups and with doctors explaining that I needed operation to my urinal and kidney, these medical solutions were withdrawn.

"So I sincerely believe that it was the power of prayer that healed me and gave me life and hope again. I am a living testament of God's power and will," Mr Kalou said.

He, however, acknowledged that without the medical care given to him from his village health centre and those doctors at Wainibokasi, Colonial War Memorial and Nausori hospitals, he would not be able to witness the power of prayer.

He plans to return to his village and continue living in retirement.

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