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Rowell Home Entertainment
Friday, December 14, 2012

Ay, ay, ay, it's Christmas and I don't know what to do. "Ay, ay, ay, it's Christmas and I don't have a gift for you." Remember this Christmas song popularised by Ricky Martin? Well, it's Christmas time before you know it and if this song realistically describes your situation right now, then you should come down to Rowell and check out the Christmas gift ideas that we have in store for everyone.

As surveys have shown, a new game console is on top of everyones' list in every year's wishlist. At Rowell, we have game consoles for all gender and ages, and we have a team of professionally trained technicians dedicated to provide all back-up and repair services to customers having technical issues with their game consoles. We can definitely give customers a peace of mind when they purchase game consoles from us, knowing that they will be well looked after if they are facing any technical difficulties with their consoles.

While some parents may be worried about games with violent graphics which may be a bad influence for their kids, they should take into account that there are video games which have evolved into a more educational settings with true historical backgrounds, which in turn will entice their kids to take up new interests of subjects which may be of absolute boredom to them before. The upgraded Sony PlayStation-2 remains our top seller for two years running and it still seems to be a marvelous gift idea for that boy growing up. Rowell is selling the upgraded PS2 for only $429 with fully upgraded system and two free demo games. Upgraded Sony PlayStation 3 is a higher version of gaming console with better game graphics and more in depth story game play which will be more suitable for young adults. Rowell is selling the fully upgraded (not all PS3 can be upgraded - check in store for more details) PS3 Slim set with 320GB internal HDD and 3 free games for $1499. If you want to have a great family time involving video games, then the Nintendo Wii game console is the perfect choice for you. It is designed and has been proven to stimulate family bonding by use of video games. Come on down to Rowell for a friendly demo of how Nintendo Wii can provide absolute fun time for the whole family. Rowell is selling the upgraded Nintendo Wii with 10 free games for only $629.

For customers who are looking for portable gaming consoles, Rowell has in store Sony PSP Street, Nintendo DSi and MP5 player with built in 200 games. The upgraded Sony PSP Street is selling for $429 with 8GB memory card and five free games.The Nintendo DSi is selling for $429 with 4GB R4 decoder with five free games. Additional games for PSP and DSi will be available for $10 each. The MP5 player comes with an internal 8GB memory and built in of 200 games. You can use this player as a personal media player and use it to listen to songs and watch videos. This exclusively MP5 player is selling for only $159.

In this digital age, a mobile phone is a must-have and without it, you can only imagine what inconveniences it causes. And especially in Fiji where there are three great mobile service providers, each with its own promotions which benefits all consumers with different needs, a Dual SIM card mobile phone is the device to have to make sure that you don't miss out on all the goodies each mobile provider has to offer. At Rowell, we offer only quality mobile phones at competitive prices and amazingly exclusive free movies promotion where you will get up to $150 of free movies when you purchase a mobile phone from Rowell.

Rowell is always in the market looking for quality products from reliable suppliers and selling them at very competitive prices to the people of Fiji. We have found one particular supplier in iPro Mobile Phones. iPro has been in the mobile phone for more than 10 years and with its very own research and development laboratory, they have managed to produced quality smart phones and dual Sim mobile phones. Their smart phones are working on Android operating software and it is the same platform of which high end brand phones like Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola are using. With Android operating system, customers can browse the internet and download any applications from Android's play store. There is more than 500,000 applications available for download as of this moment. Popular games like Angry Birds, Zynga Poker, Diamond Dash and applications like Skype, Facebook and Twitter are just a few applications which are available for download.

The i9270 smart phone, which is available at Rowell, is one such phone working on Android operating system. It is a 3G enabled phone with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and it is also a dual Sim card phone. Most, if not all, high end smart phones are able to hold only one SIM card. Recognizing the needs for the people of Fiji, one SIM card is just not enough especially when you have three service providers. The cost of cross network calls is high and with a dual SIM card mobile phone, you tend to save a lot on your recharge cards.

Therefore, this i9270 smart phone will be the all-in-one perfect phone. Rowell is selling this phone at a reduced price of $269, and with it you will get $120 free movies from Rowell.

With our range of products suitable for all gender and ages, you can be assured that you can find something for everyone and fill up their Christmas with joys and happiness.

And if that Ricky Martin song pop up again on your radio, you can give yourself a pat and tell yourself that you are already covered.

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