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In God Mishra trusts

Solomoni Biumaiono
Tuesday, December 11, 2012

LABASA lad Ashal Mis­hra's world was cruelly shattered after he collapsed while studying at the University of Canada earlier this year.

What was supposed to have been a trip of a lifetime and an opportunity to further his studies was brought to a sudden halt after doctors diagnosed Mishra with a brain tumour.

"The disease was such that I couldn't even move and do anything by myself. I was bedridden where I couldn't feed myself and I couldn't walk at all.

"But this condition was with me before I left for Canada but it was said that it was a minor thing," Mishra says.

The 21-year-old Vunivivi boy was treated in Canada for seven weeks where he underwent radiotherapy.

Doctors gave him a 25 per cent chance of surviving the dilapidating disease and told him that it was better he returned to Fiji to bid goodbye to his family and friends.

Through a family friend simply known as Dan, Mishra came to meet Pastor Leo of the Whitehorse Ministries and Charity.

But the problem is that Mishra is a born and devout Hindu and what took place in the next three weeks after his arrival from Canada has baffled doctors and even his family.

"I was thinking that if this can help me get better I would give it a try," Mishra says.

Pastor Leo had already started fasting and praying for Mishra a week before his arrival from Canada as he had been heading a healing ministry in many countries all over the world in the past 33 years.

Mishra and the pastor started sharing the word from the Bible and Mishra was asked to believe in the power of God and Jesus Christ.

As testified by the Whitehorse Ministry, Mishra and his family started praying and observing some Christian spiritual principles.

"All I did was I believed in the Christian God. I am still a Hindu but I know in my heart that without God I wouldn't be walking or moving around again," Mishra says.

Three weeks after Mishra arrived from Canada, he was checked out of the Colonial War Memorial Hospital and a week after his discharge, was able to walk and eat on his own.

"I'm good, just weak on the knees but otherwise I'm good.

"I still pray nowadays," Mishra says.

Now Mishra is back in Vunivivi in Labasa where he is living with his parents in familiar surroundings and what he experienced in the short three months has changed his outlook on life.

"One thing is that a person really hears everything when you're lying on your deathbed. It makes you look at life differently and makes you want to do all the things that you've always wanted to do and also makes you appreciate life and encourage you to do good things," Mishra says.

The 21-year-old is looking at picking up the pieces and is thinking of going back to university to complete his studies.

"I had informed them of my medical condition and they said that I can start next year," he says.

It is still not clear whether Mishra plans to go back to Canada or to the University of the South Pacific where he was a second-year human resources and management student before leaving for Canada.

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