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Wreck-it Ralph

Harold Koi
Sunday, December 09, 2012

Whenever Walt Disney cartoons are playing at the cinemas, I advise people to go watch them.

Without a doubt, Walt Disney never fails to impress, and they've done it again in the animation cartoon Wreck-It Ralph.

A family comedy that kept my kids eyes glued to the screen the whole way without any "I want to go to the toilet" disturbances during the movie.

Unfortunately, so glued were their eyes to the screen, there was more snack foods on their clothes than in their mouths. But, the movie was worth it.

I've watched most of the new release animation cartoons because my kids love them, and once in a while I have to give up my movie time for the kachis.

In Wreck-It Ralph, Walt Disney productions take viewers on a different journey with Ralph, who appears to be a loser, a bad guy just wanting to be acknowledged like the others, others meaning the good guys.

You see Ralph is a bad guy in a video game at family amusement arcade. Every day when the kids shut down the games and go home, the video game characters come alive. Something like the animation cartoon Toy Story.

Ralph wrecks things, that's his job and has been for 30 years, but he gets bored and goes on his rebellious quest to do something else.

He breaks the rules and goes game-jumping, searching for a medal so he can be recognised by friends in his own game. His quest is filled with loads of fun and comedy, adventure and drama. Ralph makes a new friend in another game he crosses over to, called Sugar Rush.

My sweet-tooth daughter loves this part of the movie, because everything in this game is made of sweets and chocolates and candy from around the world. More like a Hansel and Gretel city.

"Wow! I want to go there," she laughs. Soon after, my three-year-old boy starts nagging saying he wants to go home! To pipe him down, I told him we'll go buy some ice-cream after the movies.

Now Ralph meets a little friend who like Ralph has the same problem. The little girl and Ralph bump into each accidentally and then become best friends.

Ralph has a famous motto: "I am bad and that's good, I will never be good and that's not bad, I am me."

Now, Ralph's new found friend is Glitch. In her video game world, she is a bullied character, always stopped from playing her own game.

Well, Ralph changes the rules and goes out of his way to save her. In fact, he goes to the extreme with this gesture. The core storyline is straightforward where Ralph discovers true heroism through adversity. The amazing 3D effect graphics will surely pipe up the movie for you in full colour.

After the movie my boy didn't forget my promise to him earlier — we had to go look for chocolate ice-cream.

So take your children to this latest Walt Disney flick this festive season. And do go prepared. They will ask you a lot of questions. And remember to take a spare towel, just in case you need to clean up afterwards.

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