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Compiled By Ruby Taylor-Newton
Sunday, November 25, 2012

NOVEMBER 25, 1975, in the Fiji Times.

Expansion budget needed, says NFP

The Government's latest budget should have been constructed to move Fiji's economy towards recovery by expanding Government's expenditure on labour-intensive projects to create increased consumption, Parliament heard yesterday. It should have provided tax relief to potential investors to increase their investment to meet this demand, Opposition finance spokesman , Mr Subramani Basawaiya told the House of Representatives.

Mr Basawaiya who was opening the opposition's reply to the Budget speech, said his fellow members' views could be summarised as follows:

Fiji's foreign policy should be re-aligned and emphasis from borrowing aid should be shifted towards increased trade.


To offset the effects of inflation, a vigorous effort should be made to increase food production by specialising, modernising and mechanising the agricultural farming;

Duty paid on all motor spirit by all petrol tractor owners, outboard motor owners benzine truck owners, should be refunded.

Rural credit

A Parliamentary select committee should be set up to enquire into the plights of destitutes, pensioners and widows, and to recommend legislation to provide social security benefits to the dependents of the society;

The building industry should be revived by redeploying the resources of the Home Finance Co, the Housing Authority and other lending agencies to build houses.


Fiji's elementary and secondary education systems should be remodelled to suit Fiji's development requirements and it should have its own School Certificate and University Entrance Examination;

Basic tax should be abolished and people earning below $1000 should not be taxed. Revenue lost by this measures to be recouped by the imposition of betting tax;

A tax should be put on newspapers and radio advertisements because these advertisements caused unnecessary consumption among unsophisticated people who did not discriminate the nuances of sophisticated advertisments.

Mavoa outlaws strike by Ba council men

The Minister for Labour, Mr Jonati Mavoa yesterday declared illegal a strike by about 40 municipal workers of Ba Town Council.

Mr Mavoa used his powers to outlaw the strike under the Trade Disputes Act. Health and sanitary services in the town have come to a standstill. Residents have been asked to dispose of rubbish as best they can. The Mayor, Cr Dijendra Singh, told The Fiji Times at Lautoka that the council had not made alternative arrangements for the collection of refuse.

Crippled children survey at Nadi

The Nadi branch of the Fiji Crippled Children Society is carrying out a survey of physically handicapped children in the Nadi area between Sabeto and Tau. From the survey, the society will be able to decide whether a crippled children's school in the Nadi area is necessary. The survey will show the number of children who would benefit from school education and those children who could benefit from further medical treatment.

It will also show the patten of disease that is occurring among the handicapped in the area.

Welcome to the force, Latchmi

New woman police constable Latchmi Devi (19) shows off the new policewomen's uniform to admiring smiles from her male collagues on the force at the Police Training School in Suva. The black safari jacket and white skirt, plus the air-hostess type hat are designed to give policewomen a more feminine touch.

No airport safe - Qantas man

No airport was immune to a hijack or out of way it might seem, the Qantas Fiji manager at Nadi airport, Mr Brian Inglis said yesterday.

Mr Inglis told the Fiji Times that all international airlines using Nadi airport were in fact fully screening their passengers. He said because of the threat of hijacking, airlines throughout the world spent alot of money on security. He said it was mandatory for arriving passengers in the United States and New Zealand to be presearched. Mr Inglis said Australian, US, New Zealand and French territories all searched departing passengers for Pacific flights. This meant that all transit passengers were screened before arrival and joining passengers were screened by security guards before departure, he said.

Fiji has debts of $110, 693,000

Fiji has piled up development debts now totalling $110,693 according to a statement on the national debt contained in the 1976 estimates.

The cost of loan repayment installments, plus interest, will be about $23, 351,000 next year - about $7,300, 000 more than it was this year. The Government's local debts, mainly incurred as development loans, total $65, 928,000 and overseas loans total $44, 764,000.

According to the loan statement Fiji owes $13,593,000 to the World Bank out of the $16,000,000 borrowed from it to rebuild part of the Queen's Road.

CSR Ltd of Australia is owed $6,247,000 which not including interest, is the balance of what it being paid for the sugar mills the Government bought from the company nearly three years ago. A total of $3, 652,000 in Australian currency is owed to the Republic of Nauru.

Woman jumps from moving bus

Police are trying to identify a Tongan woman who is lying unconscious in the Colonial War Memorial Hospital in Suva after jumping from a bus at Tamavua yesterday morning.

A police spokesman said the woman's age could not be established. He said the woman boarded a Tamavua bus at the Samabula end of Princess Road at 6.30am yesterday.

The driver of the bus, Mahendra Chandra Lal, (s/o moti Lal) told police that 4 1/2 miles up the road, the woman jumped off the bus for no known reason while it was travelling about 30mph. She was taken to hospital with multiple injuries and was still unconscious late yesterday.

Fiji education 'out of alignment'

Fiji's present education system could be likened to an island hula dancing girl , Oppisition's Finance spokesman, Mr Subramani Basawaiya said.

It's feet were at one pose and its shoulders at another - "all completely out of alignment.

From Fiji junior, he ( a Fiji student) jumps to New Zealand school certificate and New Zealand university entrance examinations in order to enter the University of the South Pacific, " Mr Basawaiya said.

"What a rigmarole of the sequences leading to our local university education. Is it not like the wriggling of the hula dancer?

Elementary education he said must be made part and parcel of a general campaign for rural renaissance.

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