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The value of Trust

Colin Deoki
Tuesday, November 20, 2012

T.E.A.M. equals 'Together Everyone Achieves More'!

This acronym for the word team is as old as the hills but it's still a 'goodie' and used by motivational gurus everywhere to encourage teamwork.

When a group of people work towards the same goal with oneness of heart and mind, nothing can stop that team from winning - be it in sports, business, family, community or in a country.

Time and again this formula for success has proven true.

I've also discovered that people I've partnered with in business or sporting endeavours who I've had the deepest respect and trust for have been the ones for whom I've performed at my peak.

I felt I owed them a deep debt of gratitude because they truly cared and made me feel an important part of the team. I always went out of my way and did everything I could to help them achieve their goal and vision. In doing this, I found that it also helped me achieve mine.

That old saying, "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care," holds true in every walk of life.

When I've analysed the reasons on why I gave them my best the one 'nugget' of truth that keeps rising to the surface is, I trusted them.

Conversely when I was taken advantage of, I lost faith in the leadership team which began showing in my performance.

When this happened consistently, frustration and discouragement set in and I sensed it was time to move on.

I sometimes think that morale has a lot to do with morals. Good morals build great morale. Great morale produces great results.

I've also come to understand and appreciate that unity, which comes through trust, is something that cannot be enforced or contrived. It comes from honest, old-fashioned, caring leadership expressed in words and deeds.

People in a team decide very quickly if they can trust their employer, manager, captain or leader.

When there's the slightest hint of suspicion it has the ability to affect morale and motivation.

Trust is the all important ingredient, I've discovered time and again, that drives people to achieve and succeed.

For example I've often wondered why Fiji, with it's depth of soccer talent, has never achieved any measure of success on the world stage of football compared to Rugby.

I believe it's to do with trustworthy leadership.

Over the years I've watched good, honest district representatives in Fiji soccer get sidelined because they didn't subscribe to the skulduggery of the core leadership team. This 'clique' has wreaked havoc on Fiji soccer at every level and no-one has had the intestinal fortitude to clean up the 'mess'.

For years Fiji Football has languished in a sea of mediocrity because of poor leadership. When trustworthy men and women stand at the helm of leadership, the 'crew' will do anything and go anywhere with them because of that one powerful ingredient - trust.

Tust is the only 'glue' that 'holds' true.

If you've had the pleasure of watching the movie, "Cool Runnings", you will appreciate how much faith and trust can motivate a team to achieve the impossible.

While I'm a strong advocate of the philosophy "Together Everyone Achieves More", with a little poetic licence, I've added an extra dimension to this great acronym:

T.E.A.M. equals Trust Empowers Awesome Motivation.

When trust is trashed, as politicians in many countries have been known to do, people begin losing hope becoming discouraged and depressed.

Cynicism sets in destroying any chance of a nation or team moving forward.

When trustworthy leadership in a nation is absent then the tentacles of poverty, apathy and corruption spread creating a stranglehold on prosperity and blessings.

Trust is the most fragile of all the 'gifts' we've been given as the bartering currency of life. Yet it's the strongest when used for the good of humanity.

We've been given the choice to either appreciate the value of trust or depreciate it's value simply by how we treat individuals through our words and actions. Trust is a character trait gifted in every human being.

However, sometimes many of us struggle about being trustworthy because we're either afraid of being taken advantage of or we think it's a sign of personal weakness. We've all let someone down because of our character flaw in the area of TRUST.

There are many examples where people who were supposed to be trustworthy let their spouse, family or team down because of this character flaw.

Take the story of the famous fisherman, Simon Peter — not only did he betray Jesus, he did it three times in one day. Even though Peter had spent the better part of three years with Jesus, observing and learning from Him about life, Peter still denied he ever knew Him. Peter's deep remorse of his character flaw allowed him to be reconciled to his Lord and Saviour and he went on to become the great leader that Jesus knew him to be.

This story is one of my favourites because it shows that no matter who we've let down, there's always an opportunity to make amends.

Remorse makes room for redemption and reconciliation. Which is why I'm always reminded to be gracious even when I know that I've been wronged or been the culprit doing the wrong — it works both ways.

If leaders could only glean the wisdom of the awesome currency of TRUST it could turn the tide of a nation creating a tsunami of success swamping poverty and corruption in it's powerful path.

I love what Stephen M.R. Covey writes in his best selling book, "The Speed of Trust":

"There is one thing that is common to every individual, relationship, team, family, organization, nation, economy and civilization throughout the world — one thing which, if removed, will destroy the most powerful government, the most successful business, the most thriving economy, the most influential leadership, the greatest friendship, the strongest character, the deepest love.

On the other hand, if developed and leveraged, that one thing has the potential to create unparalleled success and prosperity in every dimension of life. Yet, it is the least understood, the most neglected, and most underestimated possibility of our time. That one thing is trust.

Whether it's soccer, rugby, relationships or the 'ship' of state — I believe that trust is the 'engine-room' that powers success.

nColin Deoki is a Fijian living in Australia. He is a frequent writer to The Fiji Times. The views are his and not of this newspaper.

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