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Frederica Elbourne
Sunday, November 18, 2012

TIME has surely changed. And in quite a short span of time too, mind you.

The revelation dawned on me at - of all places - the Irish owned pub, Oreilleys where a bestie of mine and I, found ourselves after a kava bashing session. Laugh out loud Caroline, this is in part thanks to you.

The biggest shocker and eye opener for your correspondent, was seeing males - straight looking men - on the pole. It was - as Caroline and I were to reflect later albeit over another kava bashing session - a welcome change. B5Boys are surely giving the girls a chase for their money in that respect. So much so that a contest is, naturally, warranted, Daren.

And there's the plank - the wooden slate-like structure next to the pole - where the boys gave their all doing the cibi.

Yup, eye popping but the impromptu salutation on the dance floor in "O's" was cause for much amusement and entertainment for long-time-no-see people like yours truly.

Them guys gave it their all - even doing the haka, them boys gave it their all bringing the crowd to its feet roaring with delight.

The other night, my gorgeous nephew Gene - suited in his tennis get-up, complete with head band and mini sweat shorts - took the plank beside the pole where he demonstrated some world class moves second only to Chris Brown, perhaps and Domo - the professional hip hop dancer and pop singer of the famed American television show The Voice.

Point is, boys are doing the plank, and doing a mighty good job of it - kinda like a reminder of my time as a tomboy in my prime some years ago. And still going somewhat strong, if you ask me.

Through sober eyes we watched the patrons come to life - in some real super crazy fashion and unison- to the tune of Maximillian's Sexual Healing. My, oh my, the more we change, the more we stay the same.

Back to that pole, it built for the special talented dancers. But if you're gyrating and bouncing off and on the pole in the same repeated action, would you mind not making yourself obvious. Please!

And if you're from some technical training school, could you not come in your uniform, please? It's almost like a mechanic coming to the bar in grease-painted overalls. It doesn't look neat when you're in uniform in the club - and in this case a set that resembled flight attendants attire of a smaller Pacific island country - who were eventually chucked out by those gorgeous looking muscular bouncers. But pilots can come in uniform!

No, don't tell me I'm too old for the nightclub scene. Put on the Dougie and watch Valeria and I break a leg as we go hard with our learned moves.

In saying that, big woman look good on the pole. Just as long as they know their moves.

Then there's the mistaken identity when one reaches the glassy eyed stage of the night. But it's all fun anyway and everybody is out for some time out.

So when you see someone you think you know, and do the "Hey! Long time no see!" thing only to find out otherwise, you know you haven't been out in a while.

Worse, when you don't recognize anybody through the course of what you had earlier anticipated would be a fun filled night. Fashion of the eccentric sort is making a comeback too. Like the very young dude who did his thing - hands flailing in the air and hips swaying everywhere - spotting a white long sleeve shirt rolled up to his elbows, the hem partly hanging out of his pant- and the eye-catching red necktie.

But that's a bird's eye view of the starting of a night that ultimately culminated with us dancing on the tables and chairs inside there. Dwain and William stole the night with their shoe snapping dance moves. Or was that me? Frankly, I was having too much of a good time at Caroline, Dwain and William's expense to notice, leave alone remember much the next day. But the climax was when we hailed a cab and realized we were carrying plastic cards and no cash.

"I only have my credit card," one of them piped up.

Imagine the sight of three semi drunk people digging deep into their pockets at that unearthly hour for coins to pay our ride home. Well we all got home safe and sound and even tipped the cab driver.

Dwain and William are perfect party people - entertainers at best in social gatherings - so please invite them to your revelry, particularly with the approach of the Christmas festivities. You won't be disappointed - that's a promise.

Philip is another person you need at your party.

"Falla can dance and is out to have a mighty old good laugh and lotsa dance," someone in his circle said. I witnessed his moves, doing the Rotuman panana like his pants is on fire. If you think you can sing, try taking Talisa with you to the karaoke bar. She hits the high notes on Whitney Houston's tracks effortlessly and makes you question your own singing abilities. Talisa is an absolute ball of energy and excitement. I hear my friend Harold can dance better than most, mixing Michael Jackson moves with Jason Derulo's hiphop giddy-up vibration.

Anyway, that's just a part of the changing Suva nightlife for you.

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