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Uci boi yawa

Solomoni Biumaiono
Sunday, November 18, 2012

Making the transition from sigidrigi to sequence music may be easier than what many would otherwise think, but for iTaukei group Uci Boi Yawa, it was a transition that had to be made.

Group member Sakiasi Yabia Masuwale of Waikete Village in Nakelo said the first time the group decided to set out and make sequence music it was something that they had to grow into and not something they had actually set out to do.

The unassuming trio of Masuwale, Tomasi Sotia and Petero Neiubi form the core of Uci Boi Yawa and what started off as a passing time sigidrigi group has now become one of the better known iTaukei singing group.

"We started off as a sigidrigi group as youths growing up in the village and through the years we have managed to come up with some good songs and our creative side started to grow," Masuwale says.

The group has been together for more than five years before they decided to record an album together but only after they had managed to get more songs and tunes together.

Their debut album Uci Boi Yawa Volume One which was released last year produced a hit song titled Nakelo.

After producing their Volume One last year, Uci Boi Yawa is planning a Volume Two release this year after the success of their debut album.

Volume Two is based around the heartbreaking theme with the track Luvuci Au being touted as the possible hit track from this album.

"Luvuci Au is about a man whose wife had an affair which resulted in their separation and this story is the main theme of the recording which we hope will be same or better than the last one," Masuwale says.

The trio have spent the last few months in the recording studio getting their vocals and music together for their second album.

He is also glad that their graduation from sigidrigi to sequence music has been helped by Solomoni Tukana who is the man that has been composing their songs and helping them with their recording.

"He is the one that composed Luvuci Au and we hope the album will really be something good for us especially since it's our only second album and we are also a relatively new group on the scene."

"We see this as a challenge because the standard of iTaukei sequence music is high and we need to live up to that standard which was set by many other groups who are more famous than us," Masuwale says.

Their Volume Two is still in the post production stage and in the lap of the sound engineers who are doing the mix down for the 10 song album.

Masuwale says they will be doing a soft release on the album and have quietly released Luvuci Au and Daumaka tu na draki to the two iTaukei radio stations.

He hopes the feedback from the public would be positive and any positive feedback is going to be welcomed because it will be the good indicator as to when to release the album.

"But our plan is to release the album straight after it is ready and hopefully before the end of the year," Masuwale says.

He says the two albums would not be possible without the support of their fans as well as relatives and supporters here in Fiji as well as those in Australia and England who have supported them.

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